Jimmy Evans’ Statement on the Gateway Church Scandal

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Abby Trivett

Pastor Jimmy Evans has provided a statement to his Tipping Point audience about Gateway Church in the middle of exposure and heartbreak.

In a post shared on X, the statement by Evans explained the shock he is in after hearing the allegations that Robert Morris sexually abused Cindy Clemishire for years when she was only 12.

I was shocked and devastated by Cindy Clemishire’s account, published this June, and I applaud her courage to come forward. First and foremost, I pray for God’s comfort to surround Ms. Clemishire, her family, and all those who know and love her,” the statement began.

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Evans’ statement further reads that he had no idea Morris’ “affair” was actually the abuse of a child.

Prior to the launch of Gateway, Robert Morris shared with me that he ‘had an affair with a woman in [his] early 20s.’ He represented that he stepped out of ministry and was fully restored. I was unaware of anything like the allegations shared last week until I read Ms. Clemishire’s story in the Wartburg Watch,” it continues.

“In 2020, I resigned from Gateway Church. At that time, I formally severed all ties with Gateway after expressing my deep concern over the dishonest and toxic leadership environment created by Robert Morris and the Gateway leadership. As a result, Gateway removed all of my messages and materials from their website and store,” the post continues to read.

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He comments that this issue is weighing on him and his heart, and that he plans to continue pressing forward with Tipping Point content that pertains to biblical prophecy.

During this time, continue to pray for all of those who have been affected by this shaking season at Gateway Church.

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Abby Trivett is content development editor for Charisma Media.

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