Conservative App Restored by Google, Company Admits Error

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Google reinstated the PragerU app in its Play Store just hours after suspending it. The brief ban came not long after the conservative media organization released a documentary about radical Islam.

Google reportedly reached out to the developers of PragerU to inform them it had reviewed the app and found “content or speech asserting that a protected group is inhuman, inferior, or worthy of being hated,” according to the Washington Examiner.

The Big Tech company accused the PragerU app of violating its “hate speech policy.”

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Hours later, though, Google reportedly reached back out to PragerU to inform the company that the suspension was made in error—a realization that came to light “after further re-review.”

“In an email from Google, they said our recently removed app is now available ‘after further re-review,’” PragerU wrote in a post on X. “Thank you to all of our amazing supporters who helped publicize this issue to force Google to reverse their earlier decision to remove our app from the store entirely.”

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PragerU purportedly believes the short-lived suspension could have been sparked by the newly released documentary, “Dear Infidels: A Warning to America,” which, according to its synopsis, “features first-hand accounts from those who escaped Islamic rule and have come to warn America.

“Radical Islam poses a significant threat to our freedom,” the description reads. “The rise of anti-American rhetoric and violence in cities and universities is a direct result of the indoctrination led by those perpetrating a religious war against the West.”

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