Candace Cameron Bure on Hope-Filled Entertainment for the Holidays

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Abby Trivett

When it comes to Christmas entertainment, there’s few who do it better than Candace Cameron Bure.

In a new interview with Fox News alongside Great American Family CEO Bill Abbot, Bure shared her heart for creating family-friendly entertainment that can provide hope, with her latest film, “My Christmas Hero.”

“I think we want to create an oasis in a cultural desert,” Bure said.

With with her newest film, Bure is hoping to honor military members while providing meaningful content that the entire family can watch.

“I’ve been a Christian for a very long time, and I’ve been a mom for a long time, so all of those things I have some good input,” Bure said of the Great American Family content. “I’ve been in entertainment for a very long time, but I really connect with the people who view our movies, and that’s what’s most important, and I want to help create the best content out there.”

CEO Bill Abbot also said that it is the family and freedom values that he aspires the company to uphold and represent.

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“Our network is all about celebrating faith, family and country,” Abbot said. “And so, it’s a privilege to be here. And it really represents what the nature of the heart of Great American Family.”

As Charisma magazine reported, Candace has spent years trying to bring the light of Christ to Hollywood’s entertainment industry. While Bure has been a Christian for many years, her switch from Hallmark to Great American Family placed her faith directly at the forefront of what she would and would not indulge, including content that placed LGBTQ relationships in the place of traditional marriages.

Bure is not the only family entertainment actor who has been outspoken about her faith. Co-stars Jen Lilley and Danica McKellar have openly shared about their relationship with Jesus. While the number of righteous, faithful Christians in Hollywood may seem to be far and few, it’s just as important that Christians who find themselves in the spotlight use it for His glory and not their own.

As the holiday season rolls around, families and friends will be gathered together and the Christmas movies and TV shows will abound. While the classics will be enjoyed, plenty of new content will flood the television screens. Even behind the lights of the Christmas trees and the warmth of the fireplace, it is critical that we stay vigilant with the types of entertainment we consume. This should be a time for God to be glorified and the gospel to be shared. What better way to start than by with the material consumed during a family movie night?

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Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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