All Future Radio and TV Broadcasts by Robert Morris Ministries Canceled

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Abby Trivett

All future radio and broadcasting programs by Robert Morris Ministries have been canceled.

The Board of Elders at Gateway Church and the Overseers of Pastor Robert Morris Ministries have decided to shut down all further radio and television broadcasting programs in the wake of the child sexual abuse case involving Morris and Cindy Clemishire.

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In a statement on, the elders and the overseers of the ministry made the announcement, stating:

“On Tuesday, June 18, Gateway Church accepted the resignation of Robert Morris. He has stepped away from leading the church and all related ministries, including Pastor Robert Morris Ministries.

“The elders of Gateway Church learned that Pastor Robert’s moral failure from more than forty years ago involved a minor. We are heartbroken and grief-stricken for this woman what has carried this burden of abuse for decades.”

The ministry makes it clear that because of Morris’ sin, he has been disqualified from serving as the pastor of Gateway Church.

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“Pastor Robert’s sin and his lack of transparency to the church’s elders and leadership has disqualified him from continuing in his role as senior pastor at Gateway Church and as leader of Pastor Robert Morris Ministries. As a result, all future radio and television broadcast ministry from Pastor Robert Morris Ministries has been cancelled.”

The leaders further thanked God for how He has used both Gateway Church and Pastor Robert Morris Ministries for ministering to people around the world, bringing the masses to Christ. It further documents how the Lord is still in charge, even in these shaking, tumultuous times.

The statement finally closes with the priestly blessing from Numbers 6:24-26 to be with all of those who have supported this ministry over the years.

Continue to lift up all those affected by these devastating circumstances to experience God’s peace in the middle of the storm.

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