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The resurrection message is important to every believer, but especially to those in desperate need and to those watching it change lives daily. The church of Cuba has both of these categories covered.

Bright Hope International brings hope to those who live on less than a dollar a day by providing physical care in food, clothing, shelter, medicine and education; economic assistance through microloans and job training; and spiritual care by explaining the Gospel and introducing people to the only One who can truly save them.

Bright Hope has been doing all of these things and more in Cuba for almost 10 years. A large focus has been church planting, which has proven to result in many lives transformed. In the 10 years the ministry has been on the island, Bright Hope has gone from supporting a handful of pastors to over 500.

“We’ve seen what we believe is a real flourishing of people interested in the Gospel and coming to Christ,” confirms Bright Hope president Craig Dyer. The church has been booming in Cuba to a greater degree than in almost any other region Bright Hope works.

In response to the hard work the church has been doing and the enormous growth they have seen as a result of God’s goodness, Bright Hope wants to do something special for Cuban believers this Easter. Easter celebrates Christ’s resurrection: arguably the most important message of Christian story, and Bright Hope wants pastors to be able to preach that message without being concerned about basic needs.

So this Easter weekend, Bright Hope is giving Christians the opportunity to be a part of the phenomenal church growth in Cuba by contributing to a few basics for pastors. For just $15, someone can support a pastor for an entire month. For $139, you can buy a pastor a bicycle so he can reach more people at a quicker pace with the Word. You can even build a whole house church for a gift of $1,500.

“These are just simple ways to empower the church to continue to grow in Cuba,” explains Dyer. Nurturing their growth is imperative during this time of openness and tremendous response.

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