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Jonathan Cahn’s #1 Best Selling Book Reveals Shocking Parallels Between An Ancient Template And The Storming Of America’s Capital

Is it possible that an ancient Bible mystery lies behind one of the most jarring political events of modern times?

Is it possible that the answer to an event (which the American government spent incalculable effort, energy, and time investigating) lies not in the political or ideological realm, but in an ancient template and an event that took place over two and a half thousand years earlier?

These chilling questions and more are asked and answered in Jonathan Cahn’s newest blockbuster book The Josiah Manifesto, published by Charisma Media. “It’s going to open up the stunning mysteries that lie behind the events that are unfolding right now,” Cahn says. “And it’s going to give the key to unlocking the answer, the guide, to stand and prevail in this hour, and in light of what is yet to come.”

What is God telling us? Is there an ancient key that He wants us to know that is going to reveal the blueprint on what to do and how to live in view of what is coming – how to survive, and stand, and prevail in the days to come. “This book is a guide for the end times,” says Cahn. “It even takes some of the mysteries I’ve revealed in the past farther than they’ve ever gone before.”

The Biblical Template

One of those mysteries is about an ancient figure and mystery that lies behind one of the most controversial leaders of our time, Donald Trump. Cahn first opened up this shocking template in his earlier book The Paradigm, published in 2017. In it, he outlined the remarkable parallels between President Trump and King Jehu of the Bible.

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“Jehu is recorded as being wild, impulsive, and unpredictable,” says Cahn. “The same words are used to describe Donald Trump. In his race to the throne, Jehu formed an alliance with the religious conservatives of the land – so did Donald Trump. Jehu came to the capital with an agenda – to “drain the swamp” – and so did Donald Trump. Jehu’s main opponent in his rise to national power was the nation’s former first lady – Jezebel. Trump’s opponent was Hillary Clinton, the nation’s former first lady.”

In the biblical template, the rise of Jehu is linked to the fall of Baal’s temple. In modern time, the ancient Temple of Baal in Palmyra, Syria literally collapsed just two months after Trump began his rise to power.

“But could there be another manifestation?” Cahn asks. “And if the war of Jehu and the Temple of Baal framed the beginning of Jehu’s reign and the beginning of Trump’s rise to the presidency, could it also have framed its end? Or could his presidency end with a replay, a rematch, of the battle revealed in the template?”

In The Josiah Manifesto that mystery and template have not stopped unfolding and progressing. He opens up what happened after The  Paradigm, which involves one of the most controversial events of modern times—and the ancient mystery that lies behind it.

January 6

It was the first week of January 2021, the week that would determine the future of the United States Senate and the American presidency. It all pivoted on Wednesday of that week, when the results of the Senate race in Georgia became known and determine which party would control the Senate.

It was also the day that the votes of the 2020 presidential election were officially sealed. Wednesday was critical, as it gave Democrats control of Congress and the presidency and sealed the end of Trump’s days in power. It all converged on January 6.

The National Temple

Cahn points out that the Temple of Baal, which stood in the capital city of Samaria, was, in effect, the national temple of Israel’s northern kingdom, and the US Capital building in Washington, DC is, in essence, the national temple of America. In the ancient Temple of Baal, prayers and worship were lifted up to a pagan god. The Capitol Building has also traditionally seen prayers and invocations lifted up to the God of the Bible.

“But as the week of January 6, 2021, began, something changed,” Cahn writes. “On January 3, the first working session of the new Congress was inaugurated with a prayer offered by Democratic congressman Emanuel Cleaver.” Cahn had written of him years before in The Paradigm. He was the man who had given an unknowingly prophetic address at the Democratic Convention that nominated Hillary Clinton. On January 3, he offered up another unknowing prophetic prayer.

“The problem with the prayer was the god to whom Cleaver prayed. He sealed it with the name Brahma, a Hindu god with four heads — a completely pagan god.”

So on January 3, 2021, the 117th Congress was consecrated to a pagan god and America’s national temple became a house of prayer—to a pagan god—as in a pagan temple.

The Agenda

Temple of Baal also promoted sexual immorality and the sacrifice of children. On that first week of 2021, it was not just a pagan prayer that inaugurated the new Congress—it was an anti-biblical, pagan agenda that also did.

The new Democratic-controlled Congress proposed an agenda that stood in stark opposition to biblical morality and values of sexuality, religious freedom, gender, and the lives of unborn children. They came to the Capitol Building ready to enact the most proabortion agenda in American history.

“So not only the prayer turned America’s ‘temple’ into a pagan one—so did the agenda,” writes Cahn. “That first week of 2021 was when that agenda took full control of Capitol Hill and of the Temple of the American Republic. And it all happened when a Jehu was still in power and in the capital city. It was a battle waiting to happen.”

Jehu’s Assembly

Second Kings chapter 10 in the Bible says that Jehu called for an assembly in the capital city. So too, President Trump called for an assembly in the capital city, Washington, DC, on January 6. Jehu’s gathering was directed at the national temple in the capital city. Trump’s gathering of January 6 was likewise directed on America’s national temple—the Capitol Building.

“The ancient template centered on two groups of people gathered in that city: the priests and worshippers of Baal, who would convene inside the temple, and the supporters of Jehu, who would stand outside the temple.”

So too, on January 6, the group that convened inside the Capitol Building represented the victory of an anti-biblical agenda. The gathering that took place outside the Capitol Building represented the supporters of the modern-day Jehu, Trump.

Jehonadab in the House

The ancient template tells of both Jehu and his partner, Jehonadab, playing a prominent role in what would happen in the Temple of Baal. So both Trump and Pence played a prominent role in what happened on January 6 in the Capitol Building.

In the ancient template, both Jehu and Jehonadab go to Baal’s temple. Trump had planned to go down to the Capitol Building that day, but his security team prevented him. But Pence, the modern-day Jehonadab, did indeed enter the national temple that day in accordance with the paradigm.

“Though we can assume that Jehonadab left the building after entering it,” says Cahn, “the Bible account gives no record or indication that he did. On January 6, Pence entered the Capitol Building. He never left but would remain there through the night.”

Those Outside the Temple

In the ancient template, Jehu directed the multitude of his supporters to go to the Temple of Baal and stand outside it. On January 6, Trump, in effect, directed the multitude of his supporters to go to the Capitol Building and stand outside in protest.

Jehu’s supporters stood outside the national temple while proceedings took place inside. Trump’s supporters stood outside the national temple while proceedings took place inside. The supporters of Jehu would not stay outside the Temple of Baal. And the supporters of Trump would not stay outside the Capitol Building.

The Siege

In the biblical account of Jehu’s war against the Temple of Baal, his supporters were given the word, “Go inside.” So Jehu’s people went inside and laid siege to the temple. On January 6 the supporters of Trump believed they had the authority to go inside. So they did, and laid siege to it.

“In the ancient template, the followers of Jehu entered the Temple of Baal to dramatically and violently interrupt its proceedings. On January 6, the followers of Trump entered the Capitol Building and dramatically, if less violently than the ancient case, interrupted its proceedings.”

In the ancient template, Jehu’s followers went inside the temple to shed blood—and they did. On January 6, a few who entered the Capitol Building called for blood and came prepared for violence.


In order to prevent the Temple of Baal from ever being used again as the site of pagan practices, Jehu’s people defiled and desecrated it. So on January 6, among those who entered the Capitol Building were those who sought to defile and desecrate it.

In view of Jehu and the Temple of Baal, the reactions of members of Congress in the wake of January 6 are especially significant and consistent. The incoming Senate majority leader said,

“This temple to democracy was desecrated.”

A senator speaking that night from Capitol Hill said,

“This sacred place was desecrated. …This temple to democracy was defiled.”

The Speaker of the House spoke of those who engaged in the

…desecration of this, our temple…” 

The Eighty Men

In the wake of January 6, the government began its crackdown. At the end of the week, the Washington, DC, Police Department announced the number of those they arrested in connection with the Capitol Hill riot. The number made headlines:

80 Arrested for Civil Unrest at US Capitol and Around DC

Metropolitan Police Department arrested 80 individuals in connection with the civil unrest at the U.S. Capitol and around D.C.

Remarkably, the ancient template gives the number of Jehu’s men who laid siege to the Temple of Baal with two Hebrew words: Shmonim Ish which translated is eighty men.” The same exact number.

“No one could have orchestrated the connection,” Cahn writes. “But the template had been there for over two and a half thousand years.”

Templates and Prototypes

As the ancient Jehu contended against the great national temple, so too the modern-day Jehu contended against America’s great national temple. The modern Jehu had no idea of the ancient template, or of his ancient prototype, or of the role he was to play. Nor did the eighty participants in the January 6 siege of the Capitol Building have any idea of the eighty who laid siege to the Temple of Baal on Jehu’s behalf.

It didn’t matter. The parallels were not natural. The template manifested regardless.

The Reign of Baal

The siege against Baal’s temple and its subsequent fall framed the beginning of Jehu’s reign. The fall of Baal’s temple likewise framed the beginning of Trump’s ascent to power. But in the case of Trump, just as it had framed the beginning of his reign, it would also frame the end.

“It is no accident that the ancient template replayed itself on the very day that sealed the end of his presidency,” says Cahn. “It was, in a sense, a rematch. Only this time, the modern Jehu and his forces would not prevail. It was a sign that the agenda of Baal would be prevailing in America and his influence would rest on the thrones of both political and cultural power.”

The Josiah Manifesto goes on to prove that what happened on January 6, 2021, was not the end of the story — not the end of the template, or of the battle of Jehu and the Temple of Baal. There are more manifestations, more answers to today’s puzzling questions, and most importantly, keys from God as to how to not only survive the last days, but to thrive. It’s a must-read for every Christian living in these last days.

Jonathan Cahn is known as a prophetic voice to our times. He leads Hope of the World ministry and Beth Israel/the Jerusalem Center, his ministry base and worship center in Wayne, New Jersey. He is a much-sought-after speaker and appears throughout America and the world. For more information go to

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