Paula White

  • Run to the Altar

    In Old Testament times, animals were killed and their blood was sprinkled on the altar as atonement for human sin. To be accepted by the priest, the creature had to be nearly perfect. No spot, blemish or sickness in its innocent body. Thank God the altar isn’t just for sinners; it’s for whosoever will surrender

  • A Double Portion of the Spirit

    Do you love God and want to serve Him but lack the ability to affect change in your own life and the lives of others? The Holy Spirit wants to anoint you with His power, but you'll have to go to the altar to get it. Click below to watch the video.

  • It’s Time to Cast Out Your Nets

    "Does anybody really care?" Do you hear it? That's the cry of the lost soul—and it's all around us. "Will someone please help me?" "Can anyone tell me that life is worth living?" "Please love me and accept me just the way I am!" Rarely do we hear the cry spoken. But we see it…

  • No More Fantasies

    The fairy tales we all read as children taught us to believe that one day a handsome knight in shining armor would come and take us away on his white horse. But reality has left us wondering, "Why hasn't anyone brought me my glass slipper yet?" It is the heart cry of every woman to…

  • Ignite Your Career

    God's plans for your life are far greater than you could have ever imagined!

  • Promises for 2007

    I believe everything God has spoken willcome to fruition in our lives.

  • Put God First

    No request is too large for God, but let's first let Him know how grateful we are to Him.

  • Help the Hurting

    This Thanksgiving, I challenge you to be the face of Jesus to someone who needs Him.

  • Share God’s Love

    There are children all around you who could use a healthy dose of love.

  • Persue His Passion

    Whether or not we can comprehend the Passion of Christ, it shows Gods loves us.

  • Wired for Relationships

    We need deep associations with others, but often the challenges seem to outweigh the rewards. Here's how you can make healthy connections.Each of us lives out our lives through a series of relationships. From our parents, to childhood friends, to our first love, our major milestones are framed by memories of our relationships along the…

  • Miracles Happen

    Miracles come in many different forms, but they all represent God's unending love for us.

  • Unity of the Spirit

    You must be connected with people who share your same values and goals in life.

  • It’s Time to Pray

    Now more than ever, the Father is seeking those who will call on Jesus and pray.

  • Finding God’s Favor

    Purpose in your heart to pursue wisdom and the things of God.

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