Dawn Jones

  • Stop, Drop and Roll

    Stop, Drop and Roll

    I learned it in the third grade. At the time I considered it a scary thought, but fun to practice. “If you ever catch on fire,” the big fireman wearing the shiny red hat told us, “Stop what you’re doing, drop to the floor and roll. OK, let’s all try it.” That’s when the action

  • Time to Reflect

    Time to Reflect

    To me, morning is the best time of day. I'm sure it's because, especially in the first few moments after waking up, the waters of my mind are still silent and unrippled, giving God uncontested time to speak to me before the demands of mental processing begin to roll in like a relentless tide. I…

  • Seeds of Promise

    Paging through a botanical magazine last winter, I found myself marveling at the beautiful flowering trees and exotic plants pictured inside. In a moment of sheer inspiration, I decided it would be awesome to have more in my yard than one scruffy pine tree surrounded by a few faded wood chips. Whether impetus or impetuous,

  • Will You Refresh Others?

    Will You Refresh Others?

    To the woman at the well, Jesus asked, "Will you give me a drink?" I can't imagine being asked by the living water Himself to fetch Him some refreshment. Yet Jesus asks us to quench His thirst—to bring Him something that will refresh Him. That makes me wonder, Is Jesus thirsty in my relationship with…

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