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Close the Door on the Devil

Written by John Ramirez

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October is here, and that’s demonic witchcraft month for root workers, soothsayers, fortune tellers, tarot card readers, mediums—all those who practice the secret magic arts of the satanic world. From animal sacrifices to human sacrifices, October is the high holy days of the demonic realm, pointing toward a strong finish in December while the church of Jesus Christ remains asleep or in the lap of the Delilahs of our world. Allow me, a former high priest of Satan, to point you to the truth amid this season of lies.

The devil loves holidays, special days, special events and special moments, and he loves humanity as if he created it for himself. His No. 1 identity is as the “father of lies” (John 8:44c). Through deception and destruction, he seeks to negate people’s purpose and destiny. He gloats over the false realities in his corrupt demonic mindset over humanity, and he loves culture, using it to create fashion, entrapments, setups and other allegiances to his kingdom.

All over the U.S., you can find the Halloween stores that pop up during October. Here in my city, one goes up every year, and the rent for that particular store in Manhattan, New York, is an easy $30,000 for the month. If you put on one of the costumes that fill the store and dress yourself up for the devil, you trade the pure identity God created you to have for a false one.

Now, the devil owns real-estate rights from the top of your head to the soles of your feet. He has the deed of your life, your purpose and your destiny. Yes, you sold it to him without realizing you were making a deal with the enemy of your soul.

Beyond the Article with John Ramirez

That’s how the devil works. Some Christians who sleep with the enemy in this way say, “Well, I can celebrate Halloween and repent the next day,” not realizing Nov. 1 is the icing on the demonic cake. It’s the Day of the Dead in Hispanic culture, when people celebrate dead relatives.

The Bible says in 2 Corinthians 5:8 (NKJV), “We are confident, yes, well pleased rather to be absent from the body and to be present with the Lord.” The Bible also says in Hebrews 9:27, “And as it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment.”

Dancing With the Devil

By participating in Halloween and the Day of the Dead, you’re dancing with the devil, not realizing that you forfeit your opportunity to go to heaven if you don’t repent, renounce and break away from these satanic soul ties.

Anton LaVey said, “I want to thank every Christian parent that allows their children to celebrate the devil at least one time out of the year.” A major mouthpiece for the devil, he wrote what they call The Satanic Bible. Of course, there is only one true Bible: the Word of God.

Think of it: LaVey, a high priest of the satanic world of the church of Satan, a guy who went to hell, thanked you for sacrificing your children spiritually to the overlord of the dark world. We wonder why our children rebel when they reach their teenage years. They get sucked into drugs, having sex outside of marriage and doing other things that break our hearts, and we wonder why. Here’s the answer: Some candy you thought was innocent and a game you thought was OK became the devil’s checkmate on your life and your family.

I know this. I lived it for 25 years. I was one of the highest devil worshippers on the planet, devoted to Satan himself, living in the shadows of the demonic. What it takes mediums a lifetime to accomplish, I did in just 25 years.

I was married on Halloween in a despicable, demonic, satanic wedding. You could hear the screams in the night when the animals were being sacrificed to the devil and his kingdom to baptize my wedding. Warlocks and witches came to celebrate, but when you play with demonic fire, you don’t recognize the damage it does to your soul.

God will judge all the lukewarm churches that are in bed with the devil. You know what’s funny? I, as a devil worshipper, never crossed the line to go to church on Good Friday or Resurrection Sunday. I never heard a satanist say, “I can’t wait for Good Friday. I can’t wait for Resurrection Sunday, I am so excited, I’m going to church.”

If they had crossed that line and gone to the house of God, the punishment from the devil would have been great. He would have put their lives and their families’ lives on the spiritual chopping block, killing or hurting them physically so he could use them as examples to the demonic world of cheating on him with Jesus Christ.

Cheating on Jesus Christ

We do the opposite: We cheat on Jesus Christ with the devil, and we call it fun and harmless. We call it Trunk or Treat. We even have the audacity to call it a harvest festival.

A harvest of what? Of demonic seeds planted in the house of God, planted in children, teenagers and young adults. A harvest of celebrating and putting our priestly garments aside, dressing up like devils, witches and warlocks, dancing with the devil all night long.

It’s as if you’re married, and your spouse says, “Honey, I’m going out. I’m excited to go have a one-night stand, but I’ll be back in the morning because I love you.” How would you feel? What would you say? How would you react? But the Bible says in 2 Corinthians 6:17 (MEV), “‘Come out from among them and be separate, says the Lord. ‘Do not touch what is unclean, and I will receive you.’”

A lukewarm Christian, a lukewarm church: This is the definition of those who dance with the devil, those who would say, “I believe in Jesus, but I’m not excited about Him anymore.” If this is your attitude, get ready to be spit out of God’s mouth, because that’s what the book of Revelation says: Because you are lukewarm, the Lord Jesus Christ will spit you out (see Rev. 3:16).

Now that I’m in Jesus Christ, it boggles my mind—in a good way—that the worldly Discovery channel presents an annual documentary about the demonic origin of Halloween. The channel has nothing to do with Jesus Christ, but it is exposing Halloween for what it really is.

Yet in the church, which God intended as a house of prayer, we put on costumes, bringing in devils, demons, demonic contracts and demonic allegiances with pride. Then we slap Jesus’ name on it without His permission and call it Trunk or Treat.

We dress up our doors and our houses like graveyards with skeletons and tombstones. We decorate with pumpkins, which belong to a marine spirit called Oshún in the Santeria religion. She is the mother of the rivers of the world. When the Santeria people attend ceremonies, the first thing they bring is pumpkins and honey.

When you have pumpkins in your house celebrating the devil, you make a contract with Oshún. It’s like putting food at the door and inviting stray dogs to come and eat. First Peter 5:8 says, “Be sober and watchful, because your adversary the devil walks around as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.”

Don’t be the enemy’s next meal, and don’t feed him your children. It’s time to draw the line with the blood of Jesus Christ and come to full repentance, godly sorrow and godly anguish. It doesn’t matter if you celebrated 10, 15 or 20 years ago, the doors are still open for the despicable, satanic so-called holiday which the devil calls his birthday because he’s a copycat of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Celebrating Satan

December is the finish line for the witches and warlocks to finish the year strong. If they don’t have a good demonic report card, the enemy and his demons punish them. I lived in their satanic world for 25 years, and every six months I had to check in to make sure I was in alignment and true to the enemy called Satan and his kingdom. A tarot card reading would evaluate my performance and allegiance to the devil.

In December, we’re out in the mall shopping and celebrating the devil called Santa Claus, the follow-up to the one that dresses up in goblin costumes and masquerades in makeup in October. In this season, the devil shifts his appearance to look like a harmless old man in a red suit.

We celebrate as the world does with no godly sorrow, and then the witches and warlocks run to the devil’s house, called Centros, a Spanish word meaning “center.” At these witchcraft gatherings, they get recipes from demons and principalities so they can move up in rank and have higher positions in the demonic world. Satan releases those contracts and rituals to them in ceremonies.

Meanwhile, as Christians, we’re celebrating Satan again. But buying gifts and blessing others on Christmas isn’t wrong. I celebrate Jesus on Christmas, and I put up a tree because the tree represents the cross to me. I enjoy buying my loved ones a nice gift to say, “Jesus loves you,” Yet I remain very aware of the demonic side of this holiday, and I want to finish strong for my Jesus Christ and make Him proud that the year He gave me was not wasted spiritually.

When I walk into my new year, I want to walk into a new season, new opportunities and an open heaven over my life because I have a purpose and destiny to fulfill in Jesus Christ. He’s holding the pen of my story, and I want to make sure that one day, when He writes the final words and I go back home to a house over Hallelujah Boulevard, I leave a deep spiritual legacy for my daughter and her children. I want to say with the apostle Paul, “I have fought a good fight. I have finished my course, and I have kept the faith” (2 Tim. 4:7).

That should be every Christian’s desire. Many of us are spiritually ignorant, and we think that for us to change, the calendar must flip to a new year. The year doesn’t have to change, but we do.

We need to change, to grow into spiritual maturity and see the tactics, schemes and wiles of the devil, refusing to dabble, entertain or dip ourselves into the filthy waters of the enemy. We must refuse to stain our garments, thinking we are not going to grieve the Holy Spirit and our Lord Jesus Christ because we have a “Get Out of Jail Free” card. How ignorant and spiritually immature we are!

Choosing Whom to Serve

No one is saying we should be perfect people, but we should be genuine and know what grieves the heart of God. When we dance with the world on holidays, we make alliances with the enemy. But Jesus Christ paid the ultimate price so you and I could have fellowship with Him, sitting at His table instead of the table of the enemy.

The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 10:21, “You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons. You cannot be partakers of the Lord’s table and of the table of demons.” You can’t serve two masters. I’ve made up my mind: As long as I’m here on earth, I’m going to celebrate Him, honor Him, love Him and live for Him. I pray you do the same thing.

If I were to do a celebration in the house of God on Oct. 31, I would do the most awesome production play of heaven and hell with an amazing altar call, asking the people, “Where do you want your new address to be?”

I would slap the devil in the face. There would be no candy and no dressing up; instead, I would invite people to come as you are, children of God, brothers and sisters in Christ, to win souls that day. That’s the true harvest festival: winning souls for Him.

“Then He said to His disciples, ‘The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore, pray to the Lord of the harvest, that He will send out laborers into His harvest’,” (Matt. 9:37-38).

Choose today whom you will serve. Take off your filthy garments and put on the righteousness of Christ Jesus. Put on the armor and make Jesus Christ proud that He adopted you into a kingdom you don’t deserve and couldn’t have earned. Then and only then can you join the Lord of the harvest in a joyful dance.

Evangelist John Ramirez used to fight on the enemy’s side, so he understands from an insider’s point of view how the enemy works. He now fights for Jesus Christ and uses the experience and knowledge he has to teach believers how to fight and gain victory. He is an internationally known evangelist, author and highly sought‐after speaker who teaches believers around the globe how to defeat the enemy. He has shared his powerful testimony of being miraculously saved as a high‐ranking satanic priest on It’s Supernatural! and The 700 Club, and appeared on TBN and Daystar. His book Fire Prayers (Charisma House), released in March.

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