Jonathan Cahn: The Mystery of the Dragon, the Blasphemer and Iran

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Abby Trivett

What does Iran have to do with a dragon and blasphemy?

In a new prophetic message, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn discussed what the nation of Iran has to do with blasphemy and a mystery surrounding the entity of the dragon.

Discussing the angel Michael and his spiritual fight against the “sar paras,” Cahn says the evil entity of the “sar paras” actually refers to both Iran and the dragon.

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“In the vision of the prophecy of Revelation 12 it is written, ‘and war broke out in heaven,’” Cahn says. “The one who wars against the sar paras, Michael, is now warring against the dragon and his angels. So, he wars against the sar paras, and the dragon. You see, the dragon and the sar paras, the ruler of Iran, are on the same side, and the dragon is Satan.”

Cahn further points out that the “sar paras,” is indeed an angel of the dragon, an accomplice of darkness. It is the dragon who is the ultimate enemy against Israel.

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“Any of you who hate Israel, you have no idea, but by doing so, you are allying yourself with the dragon, who is the enemy, who is Satan and against God. And the dragon will not only seek to destroy Israel, he will destroy all those who even fight for him,” Cahn says.

Cahn urges viewers not to align themselves with the dragon because it ultimately positioning yourself to war against God. He says how the end of Raisi came after he positioned himself to threaten the people of Israel on the first day of Passover, much like Pharaoh did. It is not a light thing to declare destruction over the Lord’s people, and He will act appropriately with all justice and righteousness.

“To threaten to destroy the nation of God, which is eternal, to bring God nation to an end, to threaten that is to defy the Most High. It is blasphemy,” Cahn says.

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In fact, Cahn warns that those who commit blasphemy against the Lord are put to death as according to the Law of God. This applies to both those born Jewish and non-Jewish alike.

“As he has done, so it shall be done to him,” Cahn says.

Through the event of Raisi’s death, it’s timing and relation to the Scriptures, Cahn believes we can see how the Bible is real and true in its fullness.

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