S.E. June 2024

  • Cover Story: Praise Through the Pain

    Cover Story: Praise Through the Pain

    OVERCOMING LOSS: Since losing his wife to cancer, pastor, gospel artist and worship leader Marvin Sapp is rediscovering what praising God really means

  • The Heart of Worship

    The Heart of Worship

    PRAISE & WORSHIP: If there's one thing we were made to do, it's worship. Yet that calling will not come without a fight

  • When Healing Doesn’t Come

    When Healing Doesn’t Come

    HEALING: We know Jesus can heal. We always want to pray in faith. But how do we respond when a miracle doesn’t happen?

  • Up Close and Personal

    Up Close and Personal

    INTIMACY & WORSHIP: Worship implies intimacy—a true relationship with the God of the universe—and is meant to invade every corner of our lives

  • Reckless Love

    Reckless Love

    WORSHIP: The writer of the hit worship song breaks down the theology behind the lyrics

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