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  • The Crescent Moon Rises Over Europe

    While Muslim immigrants pour into England and France, most churches there are unaware or unconcerned about the threat--and the opportunity they have to reach Islamic nations.

  • A Dark World Down Under

    In Australia, where people create their own religion with crystals, spirit guides and holistic medicine, Christians are offering New Agers the path to truth. After years of searching for lasting quality in a bazaar of esoteric beliefs, Dorothy Bond’s pursuit of New Age enlightenment foundered. Her quest had taken her around the world, relieved her

  • Giving Strength To the Weak

    Giving Strength To the Weak

    Joe and Melissa Champlion say the Holy Spirit uses them–and their young son, Jesse–to bring smiles to elderly people who have yet to discover God’s love. Joe Champlion was on his way to McDonald’s one morning when he noticed a homeless man sleeping under a tree. He went into the fast-food restaurant and came out

  • A Big Heart For the World

    Florida pastor William Ilnisky rallied his small Florida church to make a difference in the lives of African children who were orphaned by the AIDS epidemic. Newsweek magazine doesn’t normally bring Florida pastor William Ilnisky to tears. But in February 1999 when he read a cover story on the 10 million African children orphaned by

  • A Tender Warrior in South Dakota

    A Tender Warrior in South Dakota

    Jerry Yellowhawk has spent his life trying to reach the Lakota Indians. His goal now is to translate the Bible into his native tongue. Jerry Yellowhawk is no longer a clean-cut Native American pastor who wears a dark suit, white shirt and black tie. That is how he dressed in the 1960s, when he posed

  • God Needs Trailblazers

    They cross dangerous rivers, hike through deserts and drive into impenetrable jungles. There’s nowhere on the planet Philip and Sharon Smethurst won’t go for Jesus. Wanted: Adventurous young adult willing to travel to exotic, remote lands to advance the kingdom of God. Think apostle Paul meets Survivor. That’s the adventure premise offered by a progressive

  • Going the Distance

    Missionary Philip Smethurst believes God wants young adults to embrace the challenges of missionary adventure. Philip Smethurst knew he was a man on a mission after his conversion as a teen in South Africa. The founder of Overland Missions, an apostolic ministry that resembles a Christian version of the TV show Survivor, wanted to be

  • She Dared to Claim a Continent

    South African evangelist Suzette Hattingh began her ministry by praying for Reinhard Bonnke's huge campaigns in Africa. Today she's reaching the spiritually desolate cities of Western Europe

  • A Wild and Crazy Mission

    Thousands of college students engage in a celebration of booze and sex during Spring Break. But these days, Christian students are reaching their partying peers with the gospel.

  • Reaching the Weekend Warriors

    Thousands participate in Civil War re-enactments every year. And as they restage the battles of Gettysburg, Antietam and Olustee, Christians are there to preach the timeless message of Jesus.

  • In the Shadow of the Mosque

    In most Muslim nations, sharing the gospel is forbidden. But observers believe that Turkey–where the New Testament church flourished–may be the key to reaching all of the Middle East. The first time that Ali Pektas had an encounter with Jesus Christ was in Mecca, Saudi Arabia–the spiritual heart of Islam. “I was working in Saudi

  • Surfing for Jesus

    From Hawaii to California to Florida, surfers are catching a new wave of spiritual fervor.

  • Why the Revival Flame Still Burns Bright in China

    Why the Revival Flame Still Burns Bright in China

    American evangelist Randy Clark discovered that the Holy Spirit is fueling dramatic church growth in China in spite of persecution. American healing evangelist Randy Clark, best known as the man who helped ignite the “Toronto Blessing” revival in Canada in 1994, met recently with seven top leaders of the New Wine House Church movement, a

  • Super Bowl Religion

    On football's biggest day, Christians used the matchup between the St. Louis Rams and the New England Patriots as an opportunity to spread the gospel.

  • A Gateway for the Gospel in Jordan

    In spite of Muslim tensions, Jordan has displayed unusual openness to the gospel as Christian tourists visit this ‘other Holy Land.’ They call it the home of the sunrise of Christianity, on the right side of the Jordan River–a country of 150 biblical sites. Often overlooked in the scheme of Middle East politics and prophecy,

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