• A Garden of Love

    A Garden of Love

    by Thomas B. Clarke A delightful and compelling book – written with love using beautiful prose, flower photographs, Scriptures, and symbolism – that allows our senses to experience softness, gentleness, peace, and intimacy of Christian love. Expresses our deeper feelings by allowing the love of our Lord to flow over us – reveals God’s love

  • The News from the Master

    The News from the Master

    “Why, God? Why, did this happen to me?” The News from the Master is a series of true stories and testimonies of Virji, a 21-year old woman who suffered triple tragedies. In this book, Virji tells how an automobile accident caused a series of tragic events in her life resulting in the death of her

  • Through It All, He Was There

    Through It All, He Was There

    By Sharon Libby Leaving herself completely vulnerable, Sharon Libby has written her life story in such a way that it embraces the reader. As you read Through It All, He Was There you become attached to her tragedies and triumphs and look forward as each chapter unravels and brings her closer to God. If you

  • Pewter Angels

    Pewter Angels

    by author Henry K. Ripplinger “Guardian Angels God will send thee” permeates this epic love story of believable lifelike characters portraying powerful, endearing lessons of life, love, faith, and forgiveness; making this novel both a heart-wrenching romance and an uplifting journey of spiritual discovery. “Pewter Angels” is book one of six in “The Angelic Letters

  • No Burning Bushes

    No Burning Bushes

    by Kathy Marotta “I want my Burning Bush” is the battle cry of Christians and seekers alike. In this weekly devotional, illustrated by beautiful nature photography, readers can learn to experience our extraordinary, omnipresent God in ordinary circumstances. The issues that create distance between God and us—busyness, pride, temptation and fear—can be turned into a

  • Moonlight on the Amazon

    Moonlight on the Amazon

    Truth-Telling & Laughter from a Missionary Life By Don Best An extraordinary collection of stories, with dazzling photos.  All proceeds go to missions! “I was overcome with laughter, deep joy, and a sense of being wonderfully blessed! This book to me is a work of the divine.” —T. Zimmerman “Visuals that rival National Geographic!” —James

  • Messianic Daily Devotional

    Messianic Daily Devotional

    Messianic Daily DevotionalFor a Deeper Walk with Yeshua/Jesus Presented from a distinctly Messianic Jewish perspective, the Messianic Daily Devotional is a collection of devotional writings unlike any you have ever read before, with selections ranging from gentle encouragement to inspiring exhortation. Join Messianic Jewish author and teacher Kevin Geoffrey as he challenges all believers in

  • Israel Revealed

    Israel Revealed

    By Pastors John & Matthew Hagee Israel is located at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea. Despite its small size, it is home to many of the world’s most significant architectural structures and ancient geographical landmarks.The Bible comes alive in this 14 part DVD series. Pastors John and Matthew Hagee serve as your tour

  • Heart Of A Psalmist: Worshiping Christ Through the Psalms

    Heart Of A Psalmist: Worshiping Christ Through the Psalms

    By Mike Herron ‘Heart of a Psalmist’ is a rich commentary that explores the depths of worship and reveals the beauty of Christ in each chapter of the Psalms. Written in the spirit of David with scholarly insight and inspiration from Mike Herron’s own background in worship music, it will be a timeless companion to

  • Divine Healing and Restoration of Body, Mind and Spirit

    Divine Healing and Restoration of Body, Mind and Spirit

    Partnering with God when healing your whole person encapsulates praying, fasting, confessing, repenting, forgiveness, having faith, belief, trust, and knowing that God will heal you completely. These books lead you toward making the correct decisions and taking the right steps for a total cleansing and healing of your body, mind and spirit. Become a holy,

  • Discovering God’s Story

    Discovering God’s Story

    Fully Illustrated Bible Handbook in Chronological Order Through this unique presentation of 100 key Bible events, succinctly summarized and beautifully illustrated, Discovering God’s Story reveals how individual Bible stories fit together as one continuous saga. The captivating full color spreads feature summaries of each event, classic art illustration, and time lines that set each event

  • The Daniel’s Fast Cookbook Endorsed

    The Daniel’s Fast Cookbook Endorsed

    by Elmer L Towns A perfect gift to start the New Year off right through prayer and fasting! Finally, there is a book that answers many questions with thorough explanations and a guide to the Daniel fast. This cookbook helps individuals successfully complete a fast with over 100 easy and delicious Daniel fast friendly meals.

  • A Christian Hero’s Memoir

    A Christian Hero’s Memoir

    by Drew Brees New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees reveals how faith helped him return from a severe shoulder injury to become a Super Bowl champion. Drew’s faith inspired both a city and a team that people had almost written off. $26.99 • www.ComingBackStronger.com

  • Brooklyn Tabernacle Christmas

    Brooklyn Tabernacle Christmas

    The Grammy award winning Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir presents the wonder of Christmas in a brand new album that will bring the holiday season alive! Featuring 12 new songs, this is the perfect album to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. Guest soloists include TaRanda Greene, Anthony Evans, Nicole Binion, Charlotte Ritchie and Brad

  • Moonlight on the Amazon

    Moonlight on the Amazon

    Open your heart and spread your wings! Here’s a tour of the Amazon that will delight your eyes, fortify your spirit, and tickle your funny bone!      Written by missionary-writer Don Best, Moonlight on the Amazon is a rich combination of literary forms that will have you – at various moments – reflecting anew on

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