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The Domino Revival

Written by Mike Signorelli

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In the dimly lit parking lot of a nondescript grocery store, 15 years ago, a chance encounter altered the course of my life forever. At the lowest point in my journey, I had lost my way, my marriage and my sense of purpose. A stranger, motivated by a divine calling, approached me with a prophetic word that seemed improbable at the time. That moment marked the genesis of a prophetic journey that I never could have envisioned.

A Prophetic Encounter

I was truly in the depths of despair and had nothing to lose when that stranger approached me with an unexpected message. The stranger, who said he was compelled by a word from God, declared, “The Lord’s gonna use you in a film. I see you making a movie. This movie is going to bring revival.” At the time, I was separated from my wife and in the grip of alcoholism. I was a skeptic to the core, and the man’s presentation of this “word from the Lord” didn’t make it any easier to receive, as he convulsed and stuttered as he spoke the words. Still, I listened, because at this point, I didn’t have anything to lose.

After it was over, I called my estranged wife, Julie, and relayed the stranger’s prophetic message. Her laughter echoed my disbelief, for my life bore no resemblance to a surrendered Christian. Little did we know that this moment of improbable prophecy would eventually manifest into an unexpected reality.

Beyond the Article with Pastor Mike Signorelli

The Journey of Redemption

Over the next few years, a transformation unfolded—one that began with humility, surrender and divine restoration. My fractured marriage found healing, and my wife and I once again answered the call to ministry. Eventually, we birthed V1 Church in the heart of New York City. The pandemic opened doors into online ministry and led to viral videos on deliverance, reaching countless souls in need of hope at a very hopeless time in our nation’s history.

In early 2022, I had a vision of a domino falling in Brooklyn, setting off a chain reaction of revival across the globe. This vision would become “The Domino Revival,” a series of revival services held in 13 locations worldwide. These locations were chosen because many were old wells of revival, such as Brownsville and Los Angeles, now ready to be dug once again. With cameras capturing every divine encounter, it became clear that this was more than just a story about V1 Church; it was a story about the nation and the world.

The pivotal moment, however, arrived with an unexpected invitation—to be part of the groundbreaking film, Come Out in Jesus’ Name, written and produced by Pastor Greg Locke. The film followed his journey out of cessationism and made the case for deliverance. People filled theaters nationwide to see this movie, and it became a catalyst for widespread deliverance.

The Vision Unfolds

Following the film’s release, I heard that some executives in the movie industry were followers of my ministry and enjoyed my teaching ministry. My response was simple, yet bold, as I recalled the words of that stranger in the grocery store parking lot: “If that’s true, tell them we want to do a movie.” With no concrete concept in mind, I stepped out in faith when my team asked me what the movie would be about. “I don’t know, but if they give us permission to make a movie, we’ll figure it out.”

A Call to Action

When asked about the movie’s concept, I presented an idea to the movie executives akin to The Avengers: Endgame, but with revivalists from all walks of life as the heroes. It was a story of how God uses ordinary people to bring revival, a testimony to the fact that He chooses the most unlikely vessels. It’s a story that resonates with me, a man who, as a child raised in poverty by a single mother of five kids with multiple abusive stepdads, now leads a national church with a global presence.

The executives were captivated by this idea. They offered an opportunity for an additional 30-minute simulcast at the end of the movie and asked, “What would you do with those extra 30 minutes?” With the green light from movie executives and an opportunity to simulcast the film’s conclusion across America, I declared a bold purpose for those 30 minutes: An opportunity to pray for people to receive freedom from addictions, deliverance from darkness, the cancellation of suicides and the breaking of depression and anxiety over every person in every theater nationwide. The people in the room, even the non-Christians, couldn’t hold back tears at the mere mention of freedom from addiction and canceled suicides, as these two issues have touched many lives in recent years.

Real Spiritual Warfare

Once we received the go-ahead, my team and I set out to create the story of The Domino Revival using the footage we’ve captured over the years of our church’s beginnings, revival events and interviews with notable revivalists. The movie offers viewers a front-row seat to spiritual warfare raging across America. It reveals real accounts of medically verifiable miracles as people are healed during revival services. Spiritual warfare comes to life in true, first-person accounts, while some healings are attributed to biological causes and others are instant results of deliverance from demonic forces.

This is not talked about at all in the American church, although it was a very regular part of Jesus’ ministry as given account in the Gospels. The Domino Revival film attempts not to show viewers something new, but rather go back to the original template for the ministry of Christ where healings occurred not just biologically, but as the result of being delivered from demons.

Fighting on the Right Front

People are turning to New Age practices, occultism and witchcraft for answers more than ever before. There is a high level of fascination with the supernatural realm in our world today. However, in seeking a supernatural solution to their problems, they inadvertently open themselves to receive the true gospel. This gospel, backed by a demonstration of God’s power, challenges popular culture and the forces that propagate it. It presents a stark choice between dark and light. We are seeing the biblical account of the prophets of Baal versus Elijah lived out right in front of us in our modern world.

Deliverance and Discipleship

The Domino Revival captures the struggles of people who sought solutions in conventional modern applications and medications without success. It challenges the prevailing narrative that neglects the spiritual component of mental health. The film demonstrates that people may be fighting a battle on the wrong front and that spiritual issues can manifest as mental health struggles. The film also addresses the alarming increase in suicide rates, especially after the pandemic, and the tormenting of minds by demonic spirits. Although we as the church should work with mental health professionals and connect people to systems for continued mental health care, we also cannot rule out the possibility of people’s struggles being spiritual in nature—and therefore demonic—and dealing with them on that level.

The primary goal of the film is not just to offer deliverance but to lead individuals into discipleship. The film connects viewers with organizations that offer comprehensive support. The aim is to create a ripple effect where churches across the nation grow as people bring their unsaved loved ones, friends and coworkers to theaters.

The Domino Effect

The Domino Revival is more than a movie; it’s an invitation to experience deliverance, discipleship and destiny. It tells a story of faith and revival in the unlikeliest of places, reminding us that God chooses ordinary people for extraordinary purposes. The film’s powerful message is a call to action, igniting a chain reaction of revival that extends far beyond the cinema screen.

As the credits roll, viewers are left with the profound realization that the battle between light and darkness continues, but the battle belongs to the Lord. The Domino Revival stands as a testament to the transformative power of God and shows that believers can live in victory over the enemy and live the life that Christ purchased for them on the cross.

I believe that as this movie plays in theaters across America on October 24th, dominoes are going to fall one after the other, bringing a rush of revival into our cities, churches and homes.

Mike Signorelli is the lead pastor and founder of V1 Church based in New York City. He and his wife of 15 years, Julie, have two daughters, Bella and Everly. Mike and Julie lead alongside some of the greatest people on the planet at both V1 Church locations.

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