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Crush the Enemy: Former satanic priest John Ramirez delivers fire-powered strategy to living Godly victory & putting the devil in his place

Written by John Ramirez

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After 25 years of reaching the highest levels of the occult, which is identified as the shadows of the demonic, I understood my demonic training. After going to devil church from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m., I also understood the things of the spirit, whether they were on the side of demons or on the side of the Holy Spirit. So how do we navigate as believers and “fight the good fight” (1 Tim. 6:12a), taking back what the devil has stolen from us? From my experience in the areas of the occult and demonic, I want to share some insights into how we can stand against the forces of darkness to not only claim the victory but walk as “more than conquerors through Him who loved us” (Rom. 8:37b, NKJV).

I learned in my time as a devil-worshipper that demons, principalities, territorial spirits and familiar spirits love culture. They love humanity, but they also are fixated on controlling regions, territories and atmospheres. Some atmospheres and regions have poverty, some areas experience deep addiction and substance abuse, some have prostitution, and some areas are known for suicide. Even the more prosperous areas of the world are controlled by money, power and greed. Demons live there too.

We must recognize that this calls for all-out warfare. As Scripture teaches, “And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force” (Matt. 11:12).

Hosea 4:6 says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being My priest. And because you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children.”

Becoming More Than Conquerors

We win battles, we gain victories, and sometimes we win wars, yet we never conquer. But by the power of the Spirit, God brings us the wisdom and strategies of heaven. He gives us revelation, insight and clarity in our spirits on how to fight this demonic world where the church has allowed the devil to become comfortable and the Holy Spirit
to be uncomfortable.

It’s time to rise up with fire prayers that bring the devil down to nothing. These are prayers that break hindrances, delays, blockages and destructions against our lives. They will also break backlash, retaliation, retribution and reinforcement devils. They carry the fire of the Holy Spirit!

We must learn how to use these powerful prayers to take back territory, destroy atmospheres and paralyze the devil’s demonic arsenals once and for all. We must learn how to intercede for our family, our businesses and our finances. We must become equipped to reclaim our purpose and destiny, to pray for our loved ones, schools, regions, environments, atmospheres and countries in the power of the Spirit.

The Lord Jesus Christ has given us the authority and the anointing to accomplish the mission. We need to know how to pray, and it’s time to pray at a spiritual warfare level such as the devil has never seen before.

I have known incidents where people have purchased homes where suicides had taken place. When the new owners moved into the home, a spirit of suicide jumped on them, and with little to no warning, suicide wreaked havoc in yet another family.

How do we pray for new homes, new apartments and new condominiums so we can move in, conquer the atmosphere and destroy the demonic residue present there? These are skills we must learn.

How do we pray for our children’s schools with all the despicable, unrighteous acts being displayed there? We don’t want our children—or anyone else’s children—to be contaminated with these things, so we must fight the good fight and rise to become more than a conqueror over our children’s schools and every school.

How do we destroy generational sicknesses in our families? Grandma had cancer, Mommy had cancer, Auntie has cancer and now your daughter or your son has cancer. How do we get rid of these demonic sicknesses once and for all?

Learning to pray fire prayers will disciple you, prepare you, equip you and release you to victory. You must become a spiritual force to be reckoned with, a vessel of honor, an arrow in God’s quiver. Once you know the things of the Spirit, you will have the ability to combat the devil’s playbook once and for all in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Turning the Tables

Before I came to know Christ, I was in the highest levels of the demonic kingdom and got instructions from the devil himself about how to use demonic spiritual warfare against believers: against their homes, against their families, against their pregnancies, against everything they stewarded that represented the Lord Jesus Christ.

The devil does not stop in his attacks, whether through infirmity, oppression, depression, generational curses, locational or regional spirits coming against you and your loved ones. Even when you go on vacation, no matter what hotel you choose, evil spirits await. We must learn how to pray for our hotel rooms, vacation places, homes, children and families in a way that will destroy demonic kingdoms with the arsenals of heaven.

It’s time to turn the tables on the enemy. Learning to pray fire prayers will equip you, disciple you and train you in the Spirit so you will be able to help others walk the walk and finish the race God has set before us.

Between the Lord, your purpose and your destiny lives the devil. This is called the battlefield. If you consider yourself a real believer in Christ Jesus, it’s time to access the arsenals of heaven and release the fire and the judgment of God upon every wicked spirit in your region, your home, your community, your marriage, your children, your children’s children and all the generations to come. In other words, we need to teach our family and our loved ones to fight the good fight.

The Lord Jesus Christ told me once, “John, I will always do my part, but I will never do yours.” His heart is to raise up His church in this desperate hour and conquer every enemy that rears its head against His children. There is power in agreement and unity for the Holy Spirit. The day we pray fire prayers in this kind of holy unity is a bad day for the devil.

My background taught me the set-up and entrapments of the devil; now, I want to give you insight to overcome these entrapments and become powerful in spiritual warfare, strengthening your position in the spirit realm. The true language of spiritual warfare, critical to understand in praying fire prayers, will give the devil and his demons heart attacks.

In today’s society, we know we don’t have to look far to find our children being attacked, brainwashed and manipulated by the enemy in unrighteous, despicable ways. In fact, many of our homes have been invaded and contaminated by the enemy whether through marriage, children or generational curses. He has come to steal, kill and destroy. But I have bad news for the devil, and I have good news for you.

Fighting the Good Fight

When you’re in a fight for your faith and your family against the kingdom of darkness, the devil and his cronies, the following spiritual warfare keys will serve as your personal arsenal against the weapons of evil:

Knowing and understanding the revelation of God’s power in your life. Don’t let the enemy sidetrack you from that.

Knowing and understanding the power of the gospel of the Word of God. They are healing words, and they are arsenals to destroy the devil like a nobody, which he is.

Embracing the revelation in your life that no doubt, fear or disbelief interferes with intimacy with Jesus Christ the King. Even in your last breath, you will still know and understand that you believe in Him.

Embracing the revelation of the Holy Spirit, the fruits of the Holy Spirit and the anointing He put over your life. This is nonnegotiable. Don’t let the enemy downplay this in your life. Walk with the fruit and the gifts of the Spirit; this equals a one-two punch against the enemy.

Living your life in the power of God, day in and day out: cultivating, saturating, walking in it, living in it and even dying in it one day. This all occurs with nothing missing and nothing broken in the Spirit.

Focusing on the life and ministry of Jesus in your life all day, every day.

Asking the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to give you the revelation and the wisdom of heaven over your mind. Live your life by the power of the Holy Spirit, not the opinions of others.

Divorcing yourself from the distractions of the world. Be married to, not dating, the King of kings and the Lord of lords. His name is King Jesus.

When we deal with the generational, demonic activity, generational curses or generational hindrances, delays, blockages and distractions, we also need to usher in a generation of blessings in our families, our children, our homes and our marriages. In my book, Fire Prayers, I include an entire chapter on how to do just that: Shame the devil. We must give Satan an eviction notice and kick him right back to the pits of hell by speaking declarations and blessings over our homes.

Through my travels, my walk with the Lord, my preaching engagements, the many altar calls that I do and the more than 30,000 emails I receive every year, I know the spiritual condition of many wonderful believers who love Jesus Christ: distracted, defeated and in need of deliverance. But things don’t have to stay that way because that’s not God’s perfect will for your life.

God has told us in John 16:33b, “Be of good cheer. I have overcome the world.” Jesus did not die on the cross to give us a mediocre Christian life. He has given us a purpose and a destiny, and I know when we get to heaven one day, we will have to give an account. I want to help you reach heaven knowing you have borne much fruit for the Lord. I want you to know that you went to the battlefield and came out on the other side victorious, a winner, accomplishing and fulfilling the purpose and destiny the Lord Jesus Christ gave you to fulfill and to honor His name.

When you close your eyes for the last time, I want you to know that you made Jesus Christ proud because you had a prayer language like no one ever, and I want hell to rejoice because you left the battlefield. You fought the good fight as never before; you accomplished what you needed to accomplish as never before. You walked out on the other side of the battlefield making Jesus Christ proud that He chose you to fight. You destroyed the works of the devil as never before.

It’s time to arise and fight the good fight, as Paul says. We must learn to pray fire prayers so we can fight that fight and become more than conquerors.

I thank God for the opportunity to show you, teach you, equip you and disciple you on how to be a champion in Jesus and how to stand in the face of adversity with the spiritual storms in your Christian walk. I want you to learn how to trust the Lord, how to obey Him, let Him lead you, let Him guide you and let Him nourish you as He transforms your life once and for all.

Christians, it’s time to get out of the chicken coop and become the eagles He has called us to be. It’s time to let the devil know we’re coming for him. We’re no longer staying on the defense, but we’re on the offense, trusting the power of God’s Word and the revelation of the Holy Spirit to crush the head of the serpent once and for all, in Jesus’ mighty name.

Why would God save someone like me who deserved hell, someone who knows the devil’s playbook and how he operates against the church at large and against the believer? It’s time to fight the good fight, to turn the tables on the devil through fire prayers, and my kingdom heart is to equip you to do just that.

I leave you with Psalm 23:5, “You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; You anoint my head with oil; My cup runs over.” Have no mercy on the devil. It’s time to be victorious, a champion once and for all, in the mighty, untouchable name of Jesus Christ.

Evangelist John Ramirez used to fight on the enemy’s side, so he understands from an insider’s point of view how the enemy works. He now fights for Jesus Christ and uses the experience and knowledge he has to teach believers how to fight and win. He is an internationally known evangelist, author and speaker who teaches believers how to defeat the enemy. His powerful testimony of being miraculously saved as a high‐ranking satanic priest has been shared on It’s Supernatural! and The 700 Club. His first book, Fire Prayers (Charisma House), debuts this month.

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