Prophetic Words Point to King Charles’ Cancer Diagnosis

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Abby Trivett

The prophecies over King Charles’ reign continue. In a stark warning from September of 2022, Charlie Shamp has re-shared his prophetic word about the enemy that would come in like a roaring lion in the United Kingdom. However, he believes revival would spring forth even in the midst of this turmoil. Everything that had been done in darkness, God has taken into account for how He will implement the next phase of leadership over Great Britain. “Charles, Charles, what have you done?” Shamp prophesied. “Have you not sold your birthright? Have you not traded it in? But even while you were selling it, even while you were selling your sonship with your brother, for did you not see what I saw with Phillip?” Shamp’s prophecy raises questions about King Charles’s actions and decisions, hinting at a potential reckoning for betraying or neglecting his birthright and responsibilities. The mention of selling his sonship with his brother, likely alludes to past royal scandals and controversies, suggesting that these issues are not overlooked by God’s divine judgment. Any involvement or avoidance of those issues by Charles has been noted by the Lord. Not only did Shamp prophesy that this position to rule and reign would be stripped away from Charles, but Mike Signorelli’s New Year’s Eve prophecy from 2023 implied that the next season would provide the platform for truth tellers to expose whatever needed to be after the release of a diagnosis. One of the keys to this prophecy is that the people on these platforms speaking the truth would not necessarily be Christians. “I’m going to step out and take a huge risk, I believe one of them may even get a diagnosis of a terminal illness,” Signorelli prophesied. “Not all of these people will be believers, by the way. Not all of them will be Christians. That’s why I believe the phrase is ‘truth teller.'”
This prophecy strikes right into the heart of King Charles’ cancer diagnosis. But what’s interesting is that both of these prophecies intersect with Joseph Z’s prophecy, which describes a time of mourning over the king and the rise of William as the anointed one, chosen by God as the true king of England. However the Lord chooses to move in the life and positions of both Charles and William still remains unknown, but the hope for a time of reckoning, renewal and realignment in Great Britain’s leadership and spiritual landscape can remain as a positive sentiment for all people. {eoa} Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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