Can a Christian Accidentally Entertain the Demonic?

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Abby Trivett

Is it possible for Christians to unknowingly entertain the demonic?

In one of his recent question-and-answer sessions, Isaiah Saldivar answers the tough question about Christians entertaining demonic spirits and astral projection.

Receiving a call from a woman named Eva who previously worked in network marketing, she explained how the industry is steeped in the concept of manifestation and meditation to reach your potential.

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The caller said she believed she was a Christian at the time of her inclusion of new age practices in her life. One night, she meditated while lying in bed, going out of her physical body and experiencing the spiritual realm. However, during this moment outside of her physical body, she had a thought that something in the house would break, leading to her hearing something shatter in her kitchen.

 “Immediately I hear something shatter in my kitchen,” Eva says.

She jumped out of her meditation and ran downstairs, even waking up her husband to see the commotion of what had happened. Now a fully committed Christian since this event, Eva has one question: was this demonic activity from her meditation, or was it the Lord?

“I’ve always wondered like, ‘God was that you?’” Eva asks.

Saldivar warns that while God may have been trying to get her attention, it is possible that the meditation opened the door to demonic activity. He also warns that certain career fields like network marketing tend to take pagan and Christian practices and mix them together.

“Here’s the problem with a lot of this new age stuff,” Saldivar says. “They mix Christianity in with it…but what they practice is completely new age spirituality with the manifestation, with the meditation, with the astral projection.”

Saldivar further goes on to note the danger of astral projection, which is purposefully coming out of your physical body during a spiritual experience.

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“If your spirit’s coming out of your body, you’re astral projecting,” Saldivar says. “You’re going to the spiritual realm. It’s not biblical for you to force yourself out of your body.”

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