Shake Shack Shades Chick-fil-A with CHICKENSUNDAY

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Benjamin Gill and CBN News

There’s a new chapter unfolding in the chicken wars, but the good news is it could mean free chicken for fans of Shake Shack and Chick-fil-A.

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While Shake Shack doesn’t have nearly as many restaurants as Chick-fil-A—262 versus 3059—if there’s one in your area you may be able to score some free chicken during the month of April.

“Here at Shake Shack, we pride ourselves on our Chicken Shack which is available 7 days a week,” the company stated online.

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“Every Sunday in April, we are offering a Free Chicken Shack with $10 minimum purchase with promo code: CHICKENSUNDAY. Just go to your nearest participating Shake Shack or order on our app or website to taste the true difference.”

The phrasing of the entire promotion appears to be a subtle jab at Chick-fil-A which is famously closed on Sundays to obey God’s command to honor the Sabbath while also guaranteeing a day of rest to their employees.

Earlier this year, during a New York food fight over efforts to force Chick-fil-A outposts along the NY Thruway to open on Sundays, Sen. Lindsey Graham even called the chicken restaurant chain “God’s chicken“.

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