Jenny Weaver Warns: The Jezebel Spirit is in the Church

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Abby Trivett

The Jezebel spirit has found its way into the church and mainstream culture.

In a new video, revivalist and ex-witch Jenny Weaver is calling out the influx of the Jezebel spirit in our culture and churches today.

“This spirit is very, very present in our churches, in our pulpits, in our choirs, on our worship teams and the intercessory team, in the prophetic teams,” Weaver says. “We need to unmask the spirit and the spirit behaves a certain way.”

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Weaver says you can go from church to church and find this spirit permeating the room. She warns church leaders not to back down from the truth of God’s Word by feeding into this demonic entity.

“You’ve got to get strong because this spirit will come in and they will go to your office and they will cry so bad…they’ll try to make themselves the victim,” Weaver says. “You have to understand how this spirit operates so that you can uproot it because if you don’t uproot it it’s going to uproot your church.”

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Weaver says one of the signs of a Jezebel spirit operating in a church setting is a person’s refusal to submit, whether to the pastor, staff or other leadership. She also urges Christians to know that this spirit can have affects on both men and women, especially when coupled with an Ahab spirit. She says there are signs Christians should look out for if they may be entertaining this Jezebel spirit.

“Are you controlling? Are you manipulative? Do you have an issue with submitting to authority?” Weaver asks.

Weaver’s message comes after the controversy over the Stronger Men’s Conference happened where Pastor Mark Driscoll called out sword swallower Alex Magala’s performance as being influenced by the Jezebel spirit.

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