Why Spirit-Filled Christians Must Do Spiritual Warfare for Our Nation

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Steve Strang

Those who are spiritually aware know there was intense spiritual warfare during the recent presidential election. Yet some leaders prophesied Donald Trump would win, and he did.

We ran articles by leaders such as Frank Amedia of Ohio and Lance Wallnau of Texas who predicted the unlikely Trump win.

These prophetic voices believed God was raising up Trump as a Cyrus in Isaiah 45 and had given him a breaker anointing. They were among the first evangelicals who supported Trump, but eventually, 82 percent of born-again believers voted for him, and he won as prophesied.

My podcasts with Lance Wallnau have been some of the most listened-to I have recorded.

This week, I caught up with Frank Amelia, just back from a “supernatural conference” with Sid Roth in Ukraine. You can listen to this podcast below.

Now that the election is past, the warfare continues to intensify. There were intercessory networks that seemed to focus on praying for the new president during his first 100 days. But most of those have trailed off. An exception is what’s called POTUS Shield, a group of leaders who meet regularly to pray for a strategy and then pinpoint how to pray. For example, a couple of months ago, they felt Michael Flynn, Trump’s national security advisor at the time, needed to go. They weren’t praying against the man but felt in the Spirit he needed to go and began praying that way, Amedia told me.

This call to prayer isn’t a first for Amedia. Just before the first presidential debate, he called for believers to intercede for Trump. He called me over the weekend before that debate, asking if we would send this call out to help mobilize the church to pray and intercede. I wasn’t sure it would do a lot of good at the last minute, but we sent out a news story Sunday evening about this call to prayer. Within 24 hours, it was beginning to go viral, with 60,000 “shares” and at least that many people interceding. The interesting thing is that people kept sharing the article, up to a total of more than 300,000 times, which indicated to me that this call to prayer resonated with many believers.

Now Amedia is teaming up with Lou Engle of TheCall and others, trying to mobilize believers to pray. This is not to build an organization or someone’s profile. It’s because we must pray if we are to see the transformation of our culture. There is a mandate in the Spirit, and many of the attacks against President Trump are, Amedia believes, an attempt to stop the momentum of this transformation of culture we believe is necessary. To get prayer alerts and to hear what God is saying to the leaders of POTUS Shield, go to potusshield.org.

I’ll close by sharing an interesting video of Amedia praying for Trump and his running mate Mike Pence.

In September, they met with a group of pastors at Darrell Scott’s New Spirit Revival Center in Ohio. Afterward, many gathered around the candidates, and Amedia led in prayer. He prayed powerfully that God would break down the walls of division that seemed to be tearing the Republican Party apart. Amedia told me on a recent podcast that you could feel a breakthrough and that both Trump and Pence said they felt it too.

The prayer was videoed, and someone sent me a link. I had never seen a candidate or a major officeholder submit themselves to Pentecostal-style prayers with binding and loosing. We may practice that in our churches, but the few times a Pentecostal leader is called upon to pray or to speak to those in authority, they become timid and pray more formal prayers many think are appropriate in that setting.

Thank God for leaders like Amedia who speak and pray what they believe God is speaking. You’ll be inspired and learn much more by listening to my interesting interview with him. Leave your comments and share this with friends. And join the movement to pray! {eoa}


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