Troy Brewer Breaks Down May 18 and the Crucial Moment for America

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James Lasher

The Great American Eclipse of 2024 was a sight to behold, and an example of God’s mighty power and glory in creation.

With the eclipse came many claims about what it may represent and what message God was trying to send to humanity.

Some claimed the world would end (it didn’t), while others such as Pastor Troy Brewer explained that this is a sign and a call to repentance, pointing to the prophet Jonah and the redemption of the city of Nineveh.

History shows that the sign of Jonah to Nineveh was an eclipse and the sun going dark, and Brewer shared on a recent episode of Ministry Now on the Daystar network, that there is still more to come post-eclipse.

“Whenever the sign of Jonah actually shows up, it means a clock is ticking,” Brewer explains.

While many may scoff at this claim at first glance, taking a closer look into Scripture would show that this is a warning straight from the pages of the Bible, and Jesus’ very own words.

“It’s sure real for Israel,” Brewer says. “Whenever Jesus declared, ‘There will be no sign unto you except for that of Jonah the prophet,’ and then they saw the sky go dark, and then 40 years later, A.D. 70, the Romans came in and sacked Jerusalem.

“When the clock is ticking, the clock is ticking,” he adds.

Not willing to accept that the events surrounding the eclipse were mere coincidence, with a 4.8 earthquake hitting the New York area just prior to the celestial event, on 4/8, Brewer continues, “God Almighty’s like, ‘The heavens are being shaken and the earth is being shaken, and according to Joel chapter 3, that is the voice of God.”

“So this thing enters in at Eagle Pass, Texas, it exits out of Maine, and y’all, it goes over seven different cities called Nineveh. …Here’s what’s real, is people are demanding an additional sign and that’s exactly who Jesus was talking to. He says there will be no additional sign given to you except for that of Jonah the prophet,” he adds.

What does this have to do with May 18, 40 days after the eclipse? According to Brewer, there is a lot happening on that day.

“The first thing that comes up is this: it’s national astronomy day. OK, pay attention to the signs in the heavens. What begins at sundown on May the 18th? Pentecost,” Brewer reveals.

But what is the point of all of this? What is the conclusion that this is all leading up to? Why are people even talking about it? In a word: repentance.

God’s entire plan for Jonah and Nineveh which we read in the holy Bible is to bring about repentance and back into right standing with God.

James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media

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