Glenn Beck: ‘Nefarious’ Movie, Preparing the Way for the Return of Jesus

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Steve Strang

The topic of deliverance ministry has been, thankfully, brought back into the limelight of modern Christianity.

Many Christians today have the misfortune of no longer believing in the power of demonic forces or, I believe, that by simply saying they are a Christian that they have nothing to fear from the devil.

This could not be further from the truth. We have been watching the fundamental transformation of America for some time now, and I cannot say that I am surprised it has happened.

I sat down with author and media personality Glenn Beck to discuss the new movie he is involved with, “Nefarious,” and how the spiritual lessons that can be learned from the movie regarding demonic possession are applicable to our country today.

I recently watched a screener of “Nefarious,” and the movie is outstanding. The production values and the acting are top notch, including the lead actor who is an atheist.



The way the movie presents the demonic realm is very believable (and frightening—hence its designation as a “horror” film). The things the demon character says are similar to what we say about demons.

After seeing the movie, I immediately wanted to interview Glenn Beck on my podcast about it as my way of encouraging people to attend. I’m also talking it up in my own circle of friends and I’m encouraging all my readers to attend. Go to www.WhoIsNefarious.com to find out where it is showing nationwide and to learn more information including how to buy tickets.

I believe that you will enjoy the movie, but attending is a way to support the efforts of filmmakers like this to present spiritual reality in the secular arena. So buying a ticket actually is a show of support. Also, I encourage you to put this on social media (as I will personally) to help get the word out. I’ve gotten this excited about a new movie only a few times before, including the movie “God is Not Dead” a few years ago. I also pushed that movie and it was a huge success which actually encouraged other good movies to be made.

Beck told me that while the movie is in the horror genre, this is not some gore filled, low-budget slasher film. Instead, it highlights the very real spiritual battle that many in our society today are enduring because they lack Jesus Christ in their lives.

“It’s not like a bloodthirsty horror. It’s not horror for horror’s sake. It’s horror because it feels so real,” Beck says, discussing with me how the film rises above the current genre.

“We are not fighting flesh and bone, [the] Scriptures tell us that very clearly,” Beck continued.

Yet it is this focus in the movie that brought us to the discussion of how demonic influence is the source of the current state of the world today.

“I think we are entering the End Times. We are entering the times that, if we are lucky enough, we are the people to prepare the way of Christ and His return,” Beck explains.

I have discussed the topic of demonic influence and deliverance from such forces at length recently because it is a relevant topic for Christians to hear and learn about considering the spiritual atmosphere in the world today.

Without giving much of the premise of the movie away, I was astonished to watch the actor portraying a man suffering demonic possession and do so with such clarity for what someone suffering that condition would look like.

By putting a face to such possession or influence, it is not hard for one who believes in this sort of occurrence to grasp how our society sacrifices children at the altar of abortion and much more these days.

Even those who are not spiritual by nature have noticed this change in society. While they are largely blind to what is going on behind the scenes, there is an understanding for many that things are changing in a way that is destructive spiritually, morally, and in the worst cases such as the mutilation of children under the guise of transgenderism, physically.

Talking with Beck, he brought to light a point that the nation needed to hear while he was on Tucker Carlson the other night. People are being manipulated in today’s society in a way that has brought about some of the worst events in history.

Those who have adopted the tenets of ideologies such as transgenderism and Marxism approach their belief system like dedicated zealots.

“It is a religion, this wokeness, there are high priests and you will be excommunicated,” says Beck.

“They worship Moloch…What are we doing [in America]? We are glorifying sex, we are glorifying filth, and then we just kill our babies. We may not be ‘saying’ we’re putting them on the altar, but we are serving a god,” he adds.

“That is saying, it’s all about you. You do what you want. That is a god, no matter if you want to admit it or not. You’re serving something other than the one and only God!”

Sadly, Glenn is correct identifying this drive for many Americans, both young and old, to live a life serving themselves. Yet they end up finding out, sometimes too late, that this lifestyle will in fact only leave them unfulfilled and despondent.

I believe this is why God impressed on my heart to write my newest book, “Spirit-Led Living in an Upside-Down World.” This book is meant to equip believers and draw them closer to the Holy Spirit.

There is a power so great it can help you not only survive but thrive in this crazy world, a power that can give you joy and peace, result in miracles, and make you victorious no matter what. It’s a power that comes from the third member of the Godhead, the Holy Spirit. It’s the power that took the teachings of a young carpenter from Galilee and turned upside-down the most ruthless empire of its era, overcoming the paganism that went with it.

So I would like to personally encourage you to go and see the movie, “Nefarious.”

The allegory between the film itself and the spiritual vulnerability within our society without the empowerment of the Holy Spirit is breathtaking, and would serve as a good reminder for Christians everywhere that our enemy is not of this world.

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