Jonathan Cahn Reveals the Mysteries of Passover

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Abby Trivett

As 2024’s Passover comes to a conclusion, prophetic voice and rabbi Jonathan Cahn is pulling back the centuries-old mysteries surrounding this most important celebration.

Cahn points out how the first Passover happened when the Israelites escaped Egypt, and the fulfillment of the Passover happened when Jesus Christ gave His life for the sins of the world on the cross of Calvary. Now, Passover is an excellent time for us to remember the salvation we’ve been given.

“Passover is about death and life, tears and redemption, slavery and freedom, rebirth and the salvation of God,” Cahn says.

The story of Passover is more than just a story or even an event. It’s a reflection of a loving, holy God choosing to save us from bondage even when we did nothing to deserve it.

“God saw you in exile. God saw you in your sorrows and He sent for you a Redeemer to come into your Egypt and by your Redeemer and by the blood of the Lamb, you are set free,” Cahn says.

Looking at the different elements part of the Passover meal, Cahn takes the bone of a lamb, known as a zeroa, and uncovers the unique mystery behind this Passover item.

“The mystery is this: in the Bible it says that God created the world by the zeroa, it says He saved His people out of Egypt by the zeroa,” Cahn says. “The zeroa can be translated into English as ‘the arm of God.'”

The arm of God directly relates to Isaiah 53 where we read about the pain and the suffering Jesus went through on our behalf. This shows the true nature and character of God for who He really is and what His plan has always been for humanity.

“The greatest revelation of the power of God is not that He could create the universe. It’s that He could give His life for you and die to save you,” Cahn says.

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