Jonathan Cahn’s End Times Rebuke for the Pope

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Abby Trivett

In a timely, prophetic, end times message, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn is warning the Pope and the wider Catholic church about what may be heading their way for accepting the decision to allow priests to bless same-sex couples.

“This is the Pope’s great moment of apostasy,” Cahn said. “It’s a watershed moment, it’s a red flag moment, a milestone for Catholicism and even for Western civilization.”

One of these red flags is the fact that the Pope has declared that the Ten Commandments is too rigid.

“So, which of the Ten Commandments must we not become too set on having? Other gods? Idols? Coveting? Adultery? Murder? Which ones exactly should we become less strong about?” Cahn asked.

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According to the Catholic faith, the Pope is supposed to be the representative of Christ here on earth. Yet, this representative is blatantly promoting sin that the Bible strictly prohibits. The same Bible that says that Jesus is the Word of God is the same Scripture that the Pope is now outright denying as the full truth.

“Pope Francis said that someone who holds strongly to such things as the Ten Commandments has something wrong with them,” Cahn said. “Does that include Jesus because as far as I know, Jesus was pretty set on that.”

As the Pope suggested that this acceptance of same-sex marriage is to help us move forward, Cahn makes the point that when moving forward is over a cliff, it’s not something we are supposed to do.

“If moving forward means moving forward off a cliff, then I don’t want to be part of that forward moving movement because it’s not really forward, it’s downward,” Cahn said.

This great apostasy, this desecration and avoidance of the Word of God leads people instead directly away from the Shepherd and into hell. So what is happening that would cause Christians, including one of the most recognizable of all, to lead people away from God’s truth?

This apostasy is foretold in Scripture that it must happen before Jesus’ return. And today, we are witnessing a return to paganism, away from Christianity.

“We’re witnessing the return to paganism and to these ancient spirits,” Cahn said. “And now the change is being wrought by the church. And since the Roman-based church, or what became the Catholic church, had a major role in solidifying these moral changes away from paganism for this to happen, now in the Catholic church is a major sign.”

In fact, Cahn softly, but assuredly shares with Catholics that these kinds of values that the Pope is placing above reverence for God should loudly and clearly show that what is happening in the Catholic church is not of God.

“It is the nature of man to go by tradition for churches and sects and religions to elevate their traditions to the Word of God or versus the Word of God,” Cahn said. “Once you elevate the traditions of men you’re on dangerous ground because then man takes the authority of God…”

Cahn warns that what is currently happening is that the Pope is leading people astray, and at the end of the day each individual is responsible for their own decision either to or not to follow Christ.

“You’ve got one life and one chance,” Cahn said. “No man or leader or institution is going to be responsible for your salvation…in the last days it won’t be about one denomination or another but about being a true follower of Jesus the Messiah.”

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Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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