Frank Amedia: Witchcraft Is at Work Behind Trump’s Impeachment

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Steve Strang

If you’re like me, you watch cable news to find out what’s going on. Not only will they report breaking news, but they will interview experts to analyze what’s going on. Almost without exception, the experts do it from a political or cultural point of view, but never spiritual. For that reason, Charisma News tries to find observers of contemporary life who see things from a spiritual viewpoint, such as the news surrounding the impeachment, which will be voted on Feb. 5. In the past, I’ve written about the impeachment, calling it spiritual warfare.

Pastor Frank Amedia agrees with me. Frank pastors a church in Canfield, Ohio, and is one of my favorite Christian analysts. I have interviewed him many times. He was the first Christian leader I remember who said he had heard from the Lord that Donald Trump would be president in 2016.

On my podcast today, he talks about the role the impeachment in playing in the Democrats’ agenda as well as what will happen in the 2020 election. The media has its own spin on the impeachment. But Frank sees the secrecy shrouding the impeachment as a form of witchcraft.

“You have to be blind to say something is not afoul in the deep state,” Frank says. “It keeps coming up with this witness, this whistleblower. It’s going to all come out. This person has ties that go back to 2017. We don’t know what his name is anymore, but for some reason, it’s kept in the dark and obscurity. Well, we know that’s a form of witchcraft. We see the spiritual force behind it, that witchcraft is going to resolve itself because they failed. It’s going to regroup, regather, come back on.”

That witchcraft is using age-old tactics to abort the movement God is birthing through Trump and the evangelicals who support him. Frank says the process of electing Trump was like a birth. It was a movement that was birthed out of much prayer and hard work. Now that the movement has come forth, faith leaders and churches are beginning to speak out about the things that really matter.

“Impeachment is likened to political abortion,” he says. “And abortion is, on the forefront, one of the focal points of why Donald Trump was elected and anointed and appointed by God Himself in that position that he’s in.”

As Frank puts it, “There’s an emboldening happening.” And even though the devouring spirit won’t stop, it won’t be able to hinder Trump from being elected in 2020.

“I’m adamant and I’m absolutely convinced—as I was in the spring of 2016—Donald Trump will be re-elected in 2020.”

For this nation’s sake, I pray Frank is right. You can check out my other podcasts with him on the Strang Report on the Charisma Podcast Network. (Click here, here and here to listen to some of our best episodes.)

Frank was also a real help to me with my three books on Donald Trump, including my latest: God, Trump and the 2020 Election. I respect his insights and also how careful he is in what he says and how he presents it. Unfortunately, some people with a genuine prophetic gift will sometimes say unwise things or comment on their own opinions rather than words from the Lord. Frank would be the first to say he’s not perfect, but my observation, from having known him for more than 10 years (even before Barack Obama was elected), is that he has a very good track record of being right.

I hope you listen to my full interview with Frank. In our podcast, he shares some of what God has shown him in the Spirit as well as what the Holy Spirit is doing through his ministry, POTUS Shield.

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