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Tasting of His Goodness

Written by Caleb Wampler

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As we’ve surpassed the halfway point of 2022, the tendency for most is to coast and embrace the way things are with their year. I’ve been to the gym multiple times when there was not a single person there working out and continuing their pursuit of those special new year’s resolutions. Those once precious goals, now an afterthought, are but empty defeated wishes. 

Time goes on, difficulties mount, unexpected health challenges come and the busyness of life continues. Relationships aren’t what we expected. Work constantly gets harder and longer. Before we know it, we do not recognize ourselves or who we are anymore. The well-intentioned words, “I’ll get around to spending time with the Lord when I have time” roll off the tongue like droplets through a dripping faucet. Eerily, the annoyance of that same dripping faucet can often mimic an unseen growing hopelessness of our walks with God. 

A passage many know, Psalm 34:8-10, says, “Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him. Oh, fear the Lord, you His saints; for the ones who fear Him will not be in need. The young lions are in want and suffer hunger, but the ones who seek the Lord will not lack any good thing.” I tell you this because, as I have lived from this place, His miraculous power has manifested in the most beautiful ways in and around my life. Today, I proclaim over you that the season is now for you. 

An encounter with the living God will change everything about you. If you are afraid of man, an encounter with Jesus will give you fiery boldness. If you are self-conscious, an encounter with Jesus will show you whose you are and how He sees you. One moment in His presence will change everything. The things of this world will grow strangely dim in the light of who He is. 

The Lord does not change, and He does not grow weary as men do. His invitation extends to all who would answer, and His goodness is ready to pass over you. He is ready to satisfy the taste buds of all who hunger and thirst for Him. Those who press into Him will want for nothing except Him. Those who draw near to God have the overwhelming promise that God will draw near to them.

To those who respond to His beckoning in this critical hour, you will be elevated in the shadow of the Most High God. I see a raising up of these secret-place champions against the powers of this world and over the powers of darkness. The time of your revealing will be soon enough, although you won’t even be looking for it. Jesus will be exalted in government, media, family and across religious circles because of you. 

As the pressure increases, you will be blasted forth like a rocket and the Lord will demonstrate Jesus through you. You are a sweet-smelling fragrance to the Lord. Your worship has become your entire life. Your life is gold refined by fire. 

I encourage you today to get back on your feet, to endure, to ready yourself, to get out of that midyear slump, to get back into the game and  go all-in with our beautiful Jesus. 

This world needs men and women of God who have tasted of the goodness of our great God, who are carriers of His glory and who manifest His living kingdom to a world desperate for heaven’s reality. This world needs teachers, doctors, accountants, lawyers, stay-at-home parents, financial planners, administrative assistants, ministers, investors, politicians and real estate agents who don’t want anything but God. The people of this world need you to taste and see that the Lord is good, for the light within you carries their eternal hope.

God is pouring out His Spirit on all flesh. May He fall on your willing heart. Your tasting and seeing of Him is His future plan—and that future is now. Let’s give this world Jesus!

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