Top of the Week: A Shaking So Strong Is Coming It Will Rock the Foundations of the Church

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Following are snippets of the top stories posted over the past week on We encourage you to visit the links to read the stories in full.

A Shaking So Strong Is Coming It Will Rock the Foundations of the Church

Zuly Garcia, co-founder of Father’s Glory International with her husband, Chris Garcia, says God recently spoke a prophetic word to her that will shake the foundations of the church body at large.

“There is a shaking coming to the church that is so strong that only those who have their eyes fixed on Jesus will be able to stand,” Zuly says. “It’s necessary for the shaking that is getting ready to take place because the Lord needs His bride to be focused.

“So, please, keep your eyes focused on Jesus. I literally saw our feet being planted in firm foundation, like concrete when it is settling and its wet and then it dries. Our feet were solid in Him and we were focused on Him. I saw our eyes fixed on Him.

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Messianic Rabbi: The Real Reason I Celebrate the Feast of Trumpets

Every year at this time, a well-meaning Christian friend will ask me, “Why do you still celebrate the Feast of Trumpets?”

I know that they are not saying this to be offensive, or to be attacking my faith. These friends know that I am a Messianic Jew and, as such, I believe that Yeshua is the Messiah. In truth, it is the fact that I believe that Yeshua is the Messiah that causes these friends to ask the question. They are wondering why I would continue keeping these Jewish Holy Days if Yeshua fulfilled the Law and we are now in the New Covenant.

It is because I get asked this question every year that I thought I would write out my answer today, and I don’t think my answer will be the answer that you are expecting.

AI and the Great Deception

Elon Musk, probably one of the most powerful personalities in the world of technology, paused for a moment of reflection as he sat before an auditorium filled with people. He took a long, deep breath before making this profoundly prophetic statement: “With AI, we are summoning the demon.”

When I heard this quote myself, it felt less like a metaphor and more like a prophetic utterance. This technological genius, who does not profess to be a Christian, compared artificial intelligence to “summoning the demon,” and went on to suggest that we might be conjuring something that we think we can control, only to find that it will turn against us. Stephen Hawking also had chimed in, “The development of AI could spell the end of the human race.”

These statements serve as a disturbing reminder of the potential Pandora’s box that has already been opened. We are now burdened with the responsibility of heeding this warning and exercising judgment as we stand on the brink of a brave new world. During times of great darkness, it is not uncommon for the church to bury its head in the sand and hope that the storm will blow over. However, we cannot risk letting others seize control of the levers of power because the stakes are too high. We must not remain ignorant or uninfluential in this oncoming AI arms race.

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Kent Christmas’ Prophetic Warning to the Lukewarm Church

In a recent video, Kent Christmas shared a prophetic warning to the lukewarm church and the leaders who fall into this category.

“Know this, saith the Lord, the ears of men are going to begin to tingle at the sound of the reports that’s going to begin to come forth, not just out of this nation, but I am shaking the earth now,” Christmas said.

Christmas prophesied that the Lord is getting ready to show the world who He is through His justice and righteousness, and one of the ways He is going to do that is by dealing with arrogance and the lukewarm leaders who have not followed the Lord the way He commands.

Supernatural Signs: Solar Eclipses Converge Over ‘The Empty Cross’ in Texas

In our current era, remarkable events are unfolding, alluding to the imminent fulfillment of biblical prophecies, including the rapture of the church (1 Thess. 4:16) and the return of Christ in judgment (Rev. 19:11).

Bible scholars widely acknowledge that a multitude of signs have come to pass, causing both concern and anticipation as we witness the rapid advance of evil against God’s children, including Jews and Christians.

History bears witness to the rebirth of Israel as a nation on May 14, 1948, precisely as foretold in Isaiah 66:8. Jesus is anticipated to return as the conquering King, riding a white horse, prepared to wage war against those who have rejected His love and persecuted His followers (Ps. 9:8). This event, described as the “great and terrible day of the Lord,” (Joel 2:31), will reveal a stern countenance, with “fire in His eyes,” (Rev. 2:8).

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