Morning Rundown: Joseph Z: There’s a Prophetic Word in Baltimore Bridge Collapse

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Joseph Z: There’s a Prophetic Word in Baltimore Bridge Collapse

Early in the morning on Tuesday, Mar. 26, the United States was shocked to watch a cargo container ship crash into the Francis Scott Key bridge, collapsing the structure.

This catastrophic event saw the Port of Baltimore shut down and is expected to have a devastating impact on the area for both commuters and cargo haulers.

To date, there are two confirmed fatalities and a total of six suspected deaths caused by the bridges collapse, however salvage crews need to continue work before rescue and recovery efforts can continue, according to the AP.

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Red Heifers and the Return of Christ

We are witnessing biblical prophecy unfold right before our very eyes, yet far too many Christians remain oblivious to its significance.

The red heifer, a seemingly mundane aspect of ancient Jewish faith, is emerging as a pivotal symbol in the prophetic timeline. While its significance may sound obscure to some, it holds profound implications for believers attuned to the signs of the times.

It’s crucial to clarify that Christians do not believe the sacrifice of a red heifer can absolve sins; Jesus’ sacrifice alone holds that power. However, according to biblical prophecy, the ceremonial sacrifice of a red heifer in Israel is a precursor to significant end times events.

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5 Things to Know About Jesus’ Experience in Hell

After Jesus’ death on the cross what did He experience in hell? Here are five things you need to know about the Savior’s time in this dark and dreary place.

  • Jesus placed His Spirit in His Father’s hands.

Best-selling author of “23 Minutes in Hell” Bill Wiese reminds us that the Scriptures tell us Jesus committed His Spirit into the hands of His heavenly Father.

“When He’s just about to die He said, ‘into Thy hands I commend My spirit,'” Wiese says. “So number one, His Spirit was in the hands of God.”

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