Red Heifers and the Return of Christ

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James Lasher

We are witnessing biblical prophecy unfold right before our very eyes, yet far too many Christians remain oblivious to its significance.

The red heifer, a seemingly mundane aspect of ancient Jewish faith, is emerging as a pivotal symbol in the prophetic timeline. While its significance may sound obscure to some, it holds profound implications for believers attuned to the signs of the times.

It’s crucial to clarify that Christians do not believe the sacrifice of a red heifer can absolve sins; Jesus’ sacrifice alone holds that power. However, according to biblical prophecy, the ceremonial sacrifice of a red heifer in Israel is a precursor to significant end times events.

The imminent sacrifice of a red heifer is not merely a religious ritual; it carries profound eschatological implications. According to the Bible, the ashes of a red heifer are used in purification rituals to consecrate the Jewish people, their priests and the temple. This event, expected to occur soon in Israel, will undoubtedly have global ramifications, potentially livestreamed for the world to witness.

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Four red heifers currently meet the purity qualifications for this sacred ceremony and they are being held in an undisclosed location somewhere in the area of Judea and Samaria. Land has been acquired on the Mount of Olives for the sacrifice, aligning with biblical instruction and the recently built altar faces into where the holy of holies is believed to have been located. The significance of these events cannot be overstated, as they align with biblical prophecies regarding the end times.

Scripture provides insight into the significance of these events. In Daniel 9:27, a verse often associated with the Great Tribulation, it is prophesied that sacrifices and offerings will cease. This implies the existence of a Third Temple in which these rituals can occur, paralleling the practices that took place in ancient Israel. The emergence of red heifers and preparations for their sacrifice in Israel align with these prophetic markers and lead to a resumption of temple practices.

However, opposition to these sacred ceremonies is evident. Even Hamas (and the entire Muslim world) recognize the significance of the red heifer and many seek to disrupt it. Why? A significant portion believes that this sacrifice will bring with it the destruction of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the retaking of the Temple Mount for the Jewish people along with ushering in the Dajjal (the Islamic version of the Antichrist). This shows just how intense the spiritual warfare surrounding the fulfillment of biblical prophecy is in our modern world.

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Amid the chaos and uncertainty of the present age, Christians are called to heed Jesus’ admonition to “watch therefore, for you do not know what hour your Lord is coming,” (Matt. 24:42). The urgency of these times demands vigilance and discernment, rooted in prayer and scriptural truth. Being ignorant of the times we live in is simply not acceptable for a proclaiming Christian, as we are called to be the salt of the Earth, not the bystanders.

While the exact timeline of end times events remains unknown, believers are urged to remain vigilant, prepared for the imminent return of Christ. As we witness the unfolding of biblical prophecy, we must not be complacent but actively engage in spreading the gospel and building God’s kingdom on earth.

The significance of the red heifer in Bible prophecy cannot be understated. It serves as a tangible reminder of the unfolding of God’s divine plan and the imminence of Christ’s return. As we navigate these tumultuous times, may we remain steadfast in faith, watching and praying as we await the culmination of God’s redemptive purposes in history.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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