Red Heifer Project Sparks Hope and Spiritual Awakening

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James Lasher

In an extraordinary mission guided by a deep connection to Israel, farmer Byron Stinson shares the remarkable story of his involvement in bringing seven red heifers to the Holy Land in an exclusive Charisma News interview.

Stinson, driven by a lifelong understanding that he would be connected to Israel, embarked on this journey in 2007 through the Father’s House Foundation. The foundation, co-founded by Stinson and his wife, aims to facilitate pastors from smaller churches to visit Israel, enriching their spiritual lives and fostering a deeper connection to biblical roots.

Stinson’s involvement took a unique turn when he was approached by rabbis in Israel seeking a pure red heifer, an essential element in Jewish rituals, for a sacred ceremony.

The red heifer, described in Numbers 19, plays a crucial role in Jewish tradition, symbolizing purity and facilitating spiritual rites. Stinson, leveraging his Texas farm and business acumen, went above and beyond by not only finding one red heifer but seven.

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“I thought, ‘I’m gonna find seven because seven is God’s perfect number of creation.’ And so we went out to find seven red heifers,” says Stinson.

“First we used bots to go out on the internet and look for the reddest of red cows that we could find the on the websites where those ranchers were. Then we sent them text messages telling them we were looking for the red heifer. Then we put ads in the magazines that actually go out to those ranchers that have those beautiful Red Angus.”

However, the journey was not without challenges. The red heifer must be flawless, without blemishes and must remain pure red until its third year. Stinson and his team meticulously searched for suitable candidates, facing hurdles like international livestock shipment embargoes. Despite the difficulties, four viable red heifers now reside in Shiloh, a place rich in biblical history, awaiting their sacred purpose.

The red heifer project serves as a unique bridge between Christians and Jews, encouraging a shared spiritual understanding. Stinson emphasizes the importance of recognizing the physical aspects cherished by the Jewish faith, such as the significance of the land and the construction of a temple.

This interfaith collaboration strives to unite believers, fulfilling biblical prophecies of unity between the spiritual descendants of Abraham.

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“We in the nations often don’t really see the importance of the Land, we don’t see the importance of a temple, a house of prayer on the mountain of God. Those are physical things, we’re just more off into the spiritual, right. So now God is helping us through this red heifer to see something physical, that we go, and we can wake up,” says Stinson.

Stinson believes that, in these challenging times marked by rising evil, an outpouring of the Holy Spirit is promised. He envisions a spiritual awakening linked to the red heifer experience, leading to an era of prayer and peace on the holy Temple Mount. Stinson’s mission reflects a harmonious connection between Christians and Jews, fostering love and understanding as they seek to honor God’s covenant and bring forth a shared spiritual awakening.

“We need to stop being afraid of seeing the land taken for God’s glory, and the Temple being established for God’s glory, and the Antichrist coming to be identified and thrown down. And then see the Messiah arrive in a moment, coming for salvation for all of God’s people. This is what I see,” Stinson shares.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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