Joseph Z: There’s A Prophetic Word in Baltimore Bridge Collapse

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James Lasher

Early in the morning on Tuesday, Mar. 26, the United States was shocked to watch a cargo container ship crash into the Francis Scott Key bridge, collapsing the structure.

This catastrophic event saw the Port of Baltimore shut down and is expected to have a devastating impact on the area for both commuters and cargo haulers.

To date, there are two confirmed fatalities and a total of six suspected deaths caused by the bridges collapse, however salvage crews need to continue work before rescue and recovery efforts can continue, according to the AP.

What if there were more to this event than meets the eye? Many have already taken issue and voiced their opposition to the government’s official narrative and declared this to be a “black swan” event.

But suppose there was a supernatural side to this devastating tragedy?

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According to Z Ministries, prophetic voice Joseph Z had “earlier prophesied in his past broadcast of Oct. 4, 2021, about ships in the sea, where he hoped and prayed that the ships he saw in his vision were not a Trojan horse for military action. Also, in his broadcast on Dec. 31, 2020, he gave the same prophetic word about sinking ships, explosive sea vessels, fire and pollution.”

With the current state of the world being one that embraces darkness and rejects the righteousness and design of God, could the mass casualty event in Baltimore have been a sign of the times and a warning to America?

On Mar. 13, Z prayed against this very scenario, holding a live broadcast to lift up America before the throne of God and “he prayed against mass casualties on US soil.”

For those doubting the power of prayer, remember, the judgment of Nineveh would not have been halted if Jonah had simply prayed for the city, there must be repentance to delay or halt God’s retribution for their sin.

“The prophetic word I’ve been giving is number one: that there’s coming a cyber attack,” Z warns.

“It is a attack on our Star Spangled Banner. It’s an attack on everything, and it is dropping so to speak some of the very word or the the penned song for our national anthem. It is an assault on the US. When this happened, this word ‘Dali’ is the title or the name of the vessel that hit it. It means this [in Hebrew]…drawn up of God or drawn towards God. That’s the name that’s the meaning drawn towards God or Heavenly Offspring,” Z reveals.

“We’re coming to a moment where the Lord is saying, ‘draw back up to Me. Come up to Me. Come up higher.’ That’s what He’s saying now,” Z continues.

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In the wake of the deadly shooting that took place in Russia, in the wake of the war in Israel and the conflicts all around the world, Z is calling the Christian community to seize this Nineveh moment and pray with a repentant heart against the slew of mass casualty events that are plaguing the world.

“I am interceding over America against more mass casualty events against all these issues,” Z shares. “These are terrible issues that are taking place. … I believe there’s going to be a lot of justice that is served in a lot of these areas and some of the people are calling these out.”

“I believe there is a lot more to this demonic narrative that’s trying to casue these things to happen,” Z continues.

If Christians ever wonder what they can do to help a world that they may feel powerless in, join Z in prayer and repentance for our nation, for our world. God is a just God, and is longsuffering in waiting for His people to turn their hearts back towards Him. But times of judgment will follow the sins of a people and a nation.

“I’ve been praying and interceding and working through this process, and I want you to join me. I want you to join me in praying for America. I want you to join me in praying for your precious nation,” Z says.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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