Is God Sending America a Prophetic Warning in April?

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James Lasher

There is an incredible celestial event taking place on April 8, 2024—The Great America Eclipse.

Millions are anticipating this rare celestial event and the amazing natural phenomena that will take place as the a total eclipse ensues.

Meanwhile, faith leaders such as Bishop Alan DiDio of Encounter Today and Pastor Troy Brewer sat down at the National Religious Broadcasters convention this past February to discuss the spiritual implications behind it.

The two discussed the last time this event took place and how the Lord was showing us that it meant seven years of peace.

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“Seven years ago there was an eclipse in 2017 that stopped at seven Salems,” explains Brewer. “What did that indicate? Well, it represents seven years of peace. It also represents that God Almighty is speaking to the church, the seven churches, so you have Jerusalem…which has to do with peace. So, it has to do with the seven churches and it started in Salem, Oregon.”

Delving into the symbolism behind the eclipse passing through Shelby Park in Eagles Pass and tension between Texas and the federal government, Brewer points to the past civil war and the history associated with Shelby Park and one possible future for America states rights and federal authority are at odds with one another.

This time around, there are another seven cities the eclipse will pass through but they do not represent peace the way Salem does.

“This year it goes through seven American cities that’s actually called Nineveh, beginning with Nineveh, Texas,” reveals Brewer.

For anyone with even the slightest spiritual discernment, the odds of a coincidence are simply too astronomical.

DiDio, barely able to hold his excitement at this revelation, asks the crowd listening, “Are you guys getting this? I mean, you can’t…you can’t make this stuff up,” he exclaims. “What does that mean then? What does that indicate to us?”

“It’s the sign of Jonah the prophet,” says Brewer. “It’s the sign of ‘you better repent.’ It’s a sign of ‘the clock is ticking, you got 40 days.'”

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These days, America and the city of Nineveh, prior to repentance, share quite a few common traits.

Nineveh, a city steeped in wickedness, faced imminent judgment. However, God, in His mercy, sought to give the people an opportunity to turn away from their sinful ways and embrace righteousness. Through the prophet Jonah’s eventual obedience and the message of impending judgment, God aimed to stir the hearts of the Ninevites, leading them to genuine repentance and ultimately sparing the city from His divine wrath.

But will the United States heed the same warning as Nineveh did and repent of our collective sin?

“I think that there’s a chance for us [to] repent, and I think that God loves this nation. But also think that God is not playing,” says Brewer.

“…The sky is not falling, but the Kingdom is coming.”

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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