Reagan’s America Gave Israel Its Iron Dome, Biden Blocked It

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Larry Tomczak

Iran, the world’s leading terrorist nation (which previously held Americans hostage for 444 days until President Ronald Reagan secured their release), recently sent 120 ballistic missiles, 170 drones and 30 cruise missiles to attack Israel. It was an unprecedented direct assault following the nation’s previous Hamas proxy attack on Oc. 6, 2023, which killed 1163 people (including Americans) and was the equivalent of 50,000 Americans being killed in our 9/11 Islamic attack. 

President Joe Biden applauded the stunning success of the Jewish leaders, who employed their “Iron Dome” technology and obliterated 99% of the weapons of destruction. He attempted to bask in the glow of the monumental achievement. But do you know the backstory of Biden’s opposition to this advanced system when Reagan presented the concept to the U.S. in the ’80s?

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Heeding History

British statesman Winston Churchill is honored as the main leader who saved Western civilization.  When Britain’s Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain returned from a 1938 meeting with Hitler and foolishly declared, “There is peace in our time!” Churchill knew better, refusing to project weakness and gamble with appeasement by avoiding conflict. He told the British people, “Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are condemned to repeat them.”

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He looked at the big picture, as did Kennedy in the Cuban missile crisis and Reagan when he stood up to Marxism and Islamic terrorism. Today we face a similar situation where peaceniks, Jew-hating activists and understandably cautious people don’t want to risk escalating Middle East tensions. They encourage us to tolerate the unfair demonizing of Israel; keep giving Iran billions (used to develop a nuclear weapon and proxy terrorism attacks); avoid justified retaliation; try again for the failed two-state solution; call for a cease-fire; pay them a $6 billion ransom for five hostages; ignore their failure to cooperate with European nations to restore sanctions; and stop being concerned about their growing alliances with China, Russia and North Korea. 

Iran’s leaders laugh all the way to the bank with the $100 billion they receive, directly or indirectly, with the U.S. hoping they’ll stop developing a nuclear weapon to dangerously change the entire Middle East region and bring us to the brink of an apocalyptic holocaust.

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