157 Christian Leaders Warn Biden: Recent Actions Endanger Israel and US

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American Christian Leaders for Israel

One hundred fifty-seven Christian leaders, including Gary Bauer, Troy Miller, Juan Rivera and Star Parker, united under the banner of American Christian Leaders for Israel to write a letter expressing their disappointment with recent actions taken by the Biden administration regarding Israel and warning the U.S. president that these actions will embolden both nations’ mutual enemies and encourage a course correction. The signatories represent many diverse streams of Christianity and over 60 million Christians across the country.

The ACLI letter noted a long series of actions taken by the Biden administration over a short period of time that were cause for alarm, including:

Holding Israel responsible for civilian casualties and drawing moral equivalency between Hamas and Israel, noting that Israel warned civilians of the impending attack and advised them of where they could go for safety. Hamas ordered them not to go, making them human shields.

Accusing Israel of intentionally blocking humanitarian aid to Palestinians in Gaza while ignoring the reality that for years, Hamas had redirected international aid to build rockets and military infrastructure and is currently commandeering aid for its own survival at the expense of the people.

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Abandoning Israel in the U.N. Security Council, demanding a cease-fire and initially condemning the planned incursion into Rafah. The administration has stated that it agrees with Israel’s goal of eliminating Hamas. However, this cannot be done without destroying its remaining infrastructure in southern Gaza.

Attempting to force negotiations for a Palestinian state, essentially rewarding Hamas for its barbaric attack on Israeli civilians on Oct. 7 and sending a message to terrorist networks worldwide that such savagery would bring results, endangering the U.S. and the entire Western world.

Waiving sanctions on Iran, providing billions to the regime that funds and equips Hamas and its other terrorist proxies.

Endorsing Sen. Schumer’s comments on the Senate floor calling for regime change in Israel, noting that it is unprecedented that a U.S. official would call for regime change in the democratically elected government of one of its closest allies.

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The letter encouraged a clear course correction that called on the president to demand that Hamas surrender and immediately release all of the hostages, unequivocally support Israel’s effort to completely defeat and eliminate Hamas, and reinstate all sanctions against Iran.

The letter was written and circulated before Iran attacked Israel. It was sent with a cover letter by ACLI’s director, Dr. Susan Michael, who stated, “While we are very thankful that the United States, alongside the U.K., France, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, came to Israel’s defense during the Iranian onslaught and that the U.S. has reinstated sanctions on Iran, we are still gravely concerned.”

Michael went on to call out Biden for putting pressure on Israel not to respond to the Iranian attack, pointing out, “White we lament any war and loss of life, it is the responsibility of governments to protect their citizens. Iran’s attack on Israel was the single largest drone attack ever carried out by any country. If another country launched 186 explosive drones, 36 cruise missiles, and 110 surface-surface missiles against civilian targets within the United States, would we not respond? That attack against Israel and this administration’s demand that Israel not respond has just added to our concerns and strengthened the urgency of the ACLI network’s letter.”

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To read the ACLI letter, visit https://aclforisrael.com/april2024lettertopresident/.

American Christian Leaders for Israel seeks to provide a unified voice of truth to the American public in support of Israel and the Jewish people and on behalf of tens of millions of American Christians we collectively represent. ACLI is a project of the U.S.A. Branch of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem.

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