Top of the Week: 5 Ways AI Is Summoning the Antichrist Agenda

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5 Ways AI Is Summoning the Antichrist Agenda

Just how dangerous is artificial intelligence? Could it be used to do the unthinkable—summon demons?

In an exclusive interview with Charisma News, Joseph Z gave some warnings about how AI will end up at the forefront of the end times struggles we will face in the future.

  • AI has a severe risk for misuse.

Like any powerful tool, AI can be misused for harmful purposes. This could range from autonomous weapons systems used in warfare to AI algorithms that perpetuate biases and discrimination in decision-making processes. Just look at the fact that AI is already being used by innovators like Elon Musk to create brain chips to create mind-control based products.

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Dallas Jenkins Reveals ‘Bad News’ About ‘The Chosen’ Season 4

Fans of the hit TV show “The Chosen” were likely surprised to see creator Dallas Jenkins release a Facebook video over the weekend with a shocking title: “I’ve got bad news about Season 4’s release.”

That proclamation gave a clue into some of what could be expected from Jenkins’ more than 16-minute “family chat,” as he dubbed it—a candid conversation about why season four of “The Chosen” was released in theaters, the monumental cost of producing the series, and upcoming plans for the show.

Has Hollywood’s Satanic Activity Been Exposed?

For years people have wondered if Bohemian Grove is real, and if it is, what happens there and are there actual initiation ceremonies that take place?

In a reaction video, Ruslan KD shared Alex Jones’ footage from The Bohemian Club, which documented strange ceremonial practices that reflected Satanism.

After last night’s Oscars where celebrities applauded one another for their work in the film industry and others made remarks in support of Gaza during the Israel-Hamas war, Hollywood is flooding the web and social media. Even when John Cena ran on stage without clothes, some wondered if this could be a Bohemian Grove initiation practice. So, what if there’s something more to what is happening behind-the-scenes with some of the world’s most elite people?

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Why Every Christian Should Pray for Strong Discernment

The recent scandal involving Mike Bickle and the International House of Prayer in Kansas City has triggered serious soul-searching—and the reaction is understandable. People feel angry, betrayed and bewildered. They trusted leaders who seemed incredibly spiritual, but those leaders violated that trust.

I’ve watched this happen more times than I can count. When I was editor of Charisma, I covered scandals involving televangelists Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart; Atlanta bishop Earl Paulk; Power Team leader John Jacobs; author Larry Lea; prophet Bob Jones; prosperity preacher Robert Tilton; and pastors including Clarence McClendon, Eddie Long, Zachery Tims, Carl Lentz, Carlton Pearson and many others.

It was disappointing to watch all this failure—because every one of these people seemed to have fruitful ministries in the beginning. But as they became more successful, and the crowds grew, something went horribly wrong. Success often exposes fatal flaws.

Mike Bickle ‘Unfit to Lead a Ministry,’ Say 8 Christian Leaders

In the wake of mounting allegations of sexual and spiritual abuse by IHOPKC founder Mike Bickle, eight prominent Christian leaders have released a joint statement declaring he should no longer be involved in ministry.

These eight voices—Michael Brown, Jack Deere, Dan Juster, Patricia King, Joseph Mattera, Sam Storms, Michael Sullivant and Terri Sullivant—write that Bickle is “unfit” for ministry, and IHOPKC has “lost credibility in the eyes of many.”

From the time that the charges were first brought against Mike, while addressing this scandal on different levels within our own circles of ministry and in various public settings, we have been waiting for proper investigations to take place and all charges to be known before making final, definitive statements. Some of us have also been working behind the scenes over these months to help ensure that a proper investigation takes place. But since this process has dragged on for so long, we can wait no longer and feel a sacred responsibility to make this unequivocal, joint statement.

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