Has Hollywood’s Satanic Activity Been Exposed?

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Abby Trivett

For years people have wondered if Bohemian Grove is real, and if it is, what happens there and are there actual initiation ceremonies that take place?

After last night’s Oscars where celebrities applauded one another for their work in the film industry and others made remarks in support of Gaza during the Israel-Hamas war, Hollywood is flooding the web and social media. Even when John Cena ran on stage without clothes, some wondered if this could be a Bohemian Grove initiation practice. So, what if there’s something more to what is happening behind-the-scenes with some of the world’s most elite people?

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In a reaction video, Ruslan KD shared Alex Jones’ footage from The Bohemian Club, which documented strange ceremonial practices that reflected Satanism.

In what appears to be a liturgy reading outside in the middle of the night, voices can be heard saying, “…Not for thee the…forgiveness or the restful grave. Fire shall have its will of thee! And all the winds make merry with thy dust! Bring fire!”

These chants, as the video documents, is “a mixture of the Babylonian, Canaanite cult of Molech.” The documentary further explains how part of this type of ritual is part of a satanic one where the “female” part of Satan is first called upon, mixing it with “masonic rights from Scotland.”

This background of occult-like practices at Bohemian Grove is not only known, but those who have found themselves in the spotlight like boxer Ryan Garcia are detailing what he says is a very real cult brimming with immoral practices.

In an interview with Andrew Tate, Garcia explained what he says he saw as part of Bohemian Grove. He says that he was tied down and saw children being sexually assaulted by “higher elites.” Garcia made it clear he no longer cares if “they” know that he is speaking out about what is happening and that he is a “god.”

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Garcia’s ex-wife, Drea, even posted to her Instagram story, “If all my followers who are believers can please pray for Ryan. We are not together and I’ve been in contact with him and he may seem fine but he is not. I know in my heart he is being heavily oppressed. This is not a troll I’m genuinely concerned and so is all his family members we are not part of any of this and want him to get better but this is real. Pray for him.”

The exposure of what’s been happening with the rich and famous has also come out on Joe Rogan’s podcast. In a recent episode, musician Kid Rock shared his own experience at Bohemian Grove, seeing celebrities and politicians there with odd practices like worshipping an owl statue and insinuating that he needed to perform a certain way if he’d like to stay in good graces with them.

Furthermore, comedian Katt Williams also suggested to Rogan that he could see transgenderism would become a cultural norm years before it ever did. He mentions one of the reasons for this and other odd agendas by celebrities came along because of worship of the goat-man demon, Baphomet. Williams had also predicted people would desire to be dubbed as the “goat,” something that has become very common in our society today as people seek affirmation to be the “greatest of all time.”

Whether it’s through the secret satanic rituals now being exposed from those in the limelight or the blatant worship of the demonic through performances like Sam Smith’s at the Grammy’s, Demi Lovato’s blasphemous music video or Ice Spice and Taylor Swift’s openly using demonic symbols, there’s something to be learned. There is darkness in Hollywood, and there are plenty in need of the light of Christ to radically transform their lives with His tender love and mercy. {eoa}

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Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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