Alex Jones: People Need the Holy Spirit

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James Lasher

What does it say about the state of the church today when pastors shy away from teaching on eschatology and the end times in the fear of scaring away parishioners?

Even more so, what does it say when the controversial host of “Info Wars” Alex Jones is openly declaring the truth in the Bible and that people need the Holy Spirit if they are going to survive the end times deception coming our way?

In a recent sit-down with Gerald Morgan Jr. on the podcast “Gerald Apologizes Apologetics,” part of the Steven Crowder network, the two discussed the events taking place that point to humanity being in the end times, as well as Jones opening up about his personal life and how he believes that without the power of the Holy Spirit, people will fall to the wiles of the devil.

“I’m a layperson when it comes to end of the world type stuff,” says Jones. “But I did go to a lot of church, a lot of Sunday school, I have read the Bible quite a bit. I know there is massive amounts study…and never know half of it.

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“But my grandfather was really heavily into it. [He] studied the Bible, Daniel and Ezekiel and Revelation pretty much five hours a day. …I remember him breaking down the New World Order and Global government. They’d have a computer and that would control everybody and you’d have to do what they said or you wouldn’t get the Mark [of the Beast]. He would always explain you don’t just take it and then it’s because you’ve taken it that you’re going to go to hell. It’s that taking it you have to submit and worship and follow the whole system.”

Jones, known for his effort to halt the growing globalists movement and shedding light on the schemes of the world’s elite, does not often get into the matter of faith and the Bible itself.

While he does often discuss the “interdimensional demons” that he says are guiding world leaders today, Jones did a deep dive into the end times from a biblical perspective that left many wondering: is he becoming a leading voice for the return of Jesus?

“I want to be 100% clear: the New World Order has brought us the end times and has proven the Bible’s right. So that’s why I’ve gotten way more interested,” reveals Jones.

“…he [his grandfather] was just constantly saying ‘watch this is all going to be fulfilled.’ He would get really upset when he would see these preachers on TV setting a date [saying] those people are deceived by setting a date. Then when it doesn’t happen that’s going to make people fall away, that’s a tool of the devil.”

Pointing to how these false teachers have been used by ungodly forces in the media and culture, Jones says this is nothing short of false doctrine disguised as the Bible. But the Bible in truth says something completely different.

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“The Bible says no one knows, and if they tell you they know, that person’s bad,” says Jones. “So it’s all there, and the older you get, the more you know. You go, ‘This is incredible.’

“I want to be clear. I’m not Mr. Preacher and I’m not holier than thou. I don’t tell lies on purpose and I don’t sell out to evil, but…I’ve got my own issues I’m not perfect. I’m not on some high-horse. So many people are turned off by the church because it’s preaching a watered-down Bible…instead of showing them the big picture: the devil is real. God is real. You better pick a side. So, people ask why I’m so much into the end times, it’s here and it’s all being fulfilled,” Jones continues.

Pointing to the events going on in the world today and how mass communication has fundamentally altered the world as we know it, Jones says that the Bible has proven itself time and again as the truth of what is happening during the end of days.

“There’s no way John, on the island of Patmos almost 2,000 years ago, just made this up. There’s no way Daniel just made this up or Ezekiel. And it’s just all congruent proving itself, proving itself, proving itself, and so if someone doesn’t have the Holy Spirit of discernment, they read it [the Bible] and it’s a bunch of gibberish. …We should be celebrating going ‘My gosh God is real. This is a warning.’ God gave us free will, but God also gave us a cheat sheet,” Jones says.

It is within this cheat sheet that the only way to eternal salvation is explained, and that is by grace through faith in Jesus Christ that He died on the cross for our sins and overcame sin and death to take hold of the authority granted to Him to act as the King of kings and Lord of lords.

Within the pages of the Bible is a road map of what is occurring in our day and age, and without this biblical lens over world events, people will not truly see what is taking place. But with biblical discernment and wisdom, the shaping of the world begins to make more sense and will hopefully encourage people to accept the one way to eternal life, which is Jesus Christ.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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