5 Ways AI Is Summoning the Antichrist Agenda

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Abby Trivett

Just how dangerous is artificial intelligence? Could it be used to do the unthinkable—summon demons?

In an exclusive interview with Charisma News, Joseph Z gave some warnings about how AI will end up at the forefront of the end times struggles we will face in the future.

  • AI has a severe risk for misuse.

Like any powerful tool, AI can be misused for harmful purposes. This could range from autonomous weapons systems used in warfare to AI algorithms that perpetuate biases and discrimination in decision-making processes. Just look at the fact that AI is already being used by innovators like Elon Musk to create brain chips to create mind-control based products.

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“AI itself is not bad coming out of the gate; it’s who programs it,” Z says. “When we’re talking about Elon Musk and AI, on the one hand, he’s kind of a white knight of liberty and freedom of speech. And on the other hand, he says, you know they’re summoning demons.”

  • AI has unintended consequences, including the potential release of the mark of the beast.

AI systems may exhibit unintended behaviors or outcomes, especially in complex or unpredictable environments. These unintended consequences could have significant implications, particularly in critical domains such as healthcare, finance and transportation. AI, for the most part, is still in its developmental stages. Therefore, it’s hard to tell what the exact impact will be humanity as we move forward. However, it is plausible that part of its unintended consequences includes the release of the mark of the beast.

“When you look at medical tyranny, and then you look at technological tyrannies, such as AI, or what could begin to rise from it, I see the mark of the beast scenario coming into play,” Z says. “When you look at digital currency being a programmable issue, you look at AI, the technology that can run everything…”

  • AI could create an existential crisis.

Some researchers and scholars have raised concerns about the long-term risks associated with advanced AI systems, including the potential for AI to surpass human intelligence and pose existential threats to humanity. A recent report by the Daily Mail suggested that as early as 2027 we could see artificial intelligence surpass that of human intelligence. Even more pressing, Time Magazine has discussed the need for the U.S. government to move swiftly in its decisions about what to do for national security purposes involving AI and weapons, fearing possible extinction.

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“They’re even predicting the next few years that the wars we would supposedly get into would be fought AI to AI, by China, by other nations, by us…that AI would actually step up and people would step away from it” Z says. “AI, I believe is the system that the beast will use to rule the world when his time comes.”

  • AI could create serious job displacement issues for millions of people.

The automation of tasks through AI and robotics has the potential to disrupt labor markets, leading to job displacement and economic inequality. When it comes to our already shifting economy and rising cost of living, the thought of AI taking control of even more jobs and functions in society leaves people to the backburner, without much of a clear and straight role.

However, as Joseph Z points out, there is a new generation rising up, one that was created for this specific day and age. It’s with this in mind that we can still reach for hope.

“I believe the Lord is saying to His people, ‘we got one more round; we got one more round because I have a promise of the young lions that are coming,'” Z prophesies. “They don’t care about some of the norms and values we used to care about. They actually will be reformers.”

  • AI brings about privacy and surveillance concerns.

When it comes to surveillance and data analysis, AI raises concerns about privacy infringement. The collection and analysis of vast amounts of personal data by AI systems could potentially erode individual freedoms and civil liberties. The falling away of these liberties could show a sign of shifting control by evil forces.

“The antichrist agenda is always one of control,” Z says.

Yet, even with these concerns and with the potential chaos and destruction that could come from AI being utilized for the sake of evil and even for the coming in of the mark of the beast, God is not finished yet with this generation.

“For the coming three years…what we do at these years specifically, is going to determine what we do for the next 25,” Z says. “The Lord said, ‘You can have a great run, we can have one more round, but My church has got to stand up and not just stand up with pitchforks and torches and storming the castle.’ I’m talking about intercession and a return to holiness and a return to the gospel and a return to getting rid of all these fables and false narratives.”

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Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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