2024 Prophecy: Is This the Year of the Do-Over?

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Abby Trivett

Will 2024 be 2020’s do-over?

No one will ever forget the way that 2020 dramatically shifted our world forever. Lockdowns lasted for months, and even into 2021 and 2022 in some places. Children missed out on in-person curriculums, masks, distancing and shots completely changed the atmosphere of everyday life. The question now is: is 2024 a do-over of this previous monumental year?

In an exclusive interview with Charisma News, Joseph Z revealed how God has been whispering prophetic insights of what we may yet face this year.

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Both good and bad items from the past will come back to the forefront again. Joseph Z believes that both the good and the bad things that rose up in 2020 will come back into play this year. Two of the most notable items we can see right now is that the same Super Bowl football teams from 2020 played against each other this year and the same political candidates are appearing to be at the top of the ballots.

“We’re headed for the same spirit we faced off with in 2020, [which] wants to manifest in 2024,” Z said.

The lion, bear and Goliath are coming. What do these three things represent in the prophetic sphere? Z says they represent three different facets that will try to dominate what 2024 looks like. The lion is representative of the media’s cries of negativity trying to impact culture. The bear is the fear over economic circumstances and provision. However, it is Goliath that will come to conquer and strap down our nation with intimidation and fear.

“Goliath coming is a global, wicked spirit that wants to run this nation into the ground,” Z said. “Goliath was an intimidation spirit, a giant spirit that would step forward and say, ‘give me your best and you can’t beat me. I’m going to dominate you right unto the end.'”

Joseph Z believes part of this Goliath spirit will try to manifest itself through the medical community by the potential of allowing the World Health Organization (WHO) to make health decisions for Americans.

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The potential return of 45. With the same political candidates running for office, it’s quite possible 2024 could prove to be a return to Donald Trump as the president. Joseph Z believes it would lead to a massive deportation and a closing off of the American border that has never been seen before. If the WHO is allowed to take over the medical decisions of the U.S. people, Z also says it is someone like Trump who would revoke this practice. However, it is the greater incorporation of artificial intelligence that could prove as a potential roadblock to his success.

Vegas holds the key. Just as Jospeh Z prophesied that what would happen in Vegas would not stay in Vegas, some horrific things have happened, including the shooting in Kansas City and the shooting at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church. Yet, previous words from the Lord crept into Z’s thoughts as a reminder of what the Lord had spoken to him over the years, including a vision about breaches which spoke of an actual cyber breach that took place and the mass shooting that took place at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

“And the Lord reminded me that back in 2017 the largest mass shooting that ever happened in American history took place in Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay,” Z said. “What is happening in Vegas, the spirit wants it to not remain in Vegas.”

With dire situations like these, Z reminds believers how critical it is to pray and cut off these dark, demonic situations in the spirit so that they would not manifest.

It is up to us to choose the candidate of oil. If Americans choose the presidential candidate who is anointed for good works, then God will give us one more chance for a comeback as a great nation.

“Whether it’s Trump or somebody else who would get into office, they can’t fix everything. But the Lord showed me the candidate of oil could begin to correct economic woes…making our sovereignty come back,” Z said.

What this word comes down to is how we respond to the events happening around us. The choice for the kind of future we have is ours.

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Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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