Are You Prepared for These 3 Major Blessings of Pentecost?

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Larry Huch

The Day of Pentecost is quickly approaching. Fifty is the number of Pentecost, which represents the time from Egypt to Mount Sinai when Moses received the Word of God and from Passover to Pentecost, where the Holy Spirit was released. The past 50 days have been a time of preparation, a time of reflection and realignment. This is the reason the disciples were in the upper room. Jesus had told the disciples to not leave Jerusalem until they received this outpouring. They too were preparing themselves for the Day of Pentecost to fully come.

The Feast of Pentecost is an appointed time on God’s calendar, God’s second major window of opportunity, for you to receive a major outpouring of blessing. We come before the Lord in faith and present a Pentecost First Fruits offering, which symbolizes the special love and appreciation that we feel toward the Lord.

First Fruits offerings that come to Larry Huch Ministries will quickly go to bless elderly Jews and Holocaust survivors in Israel. As you bless Israel and its needy people with your First Fruits offering, the Lord promises three major blessings—wisdom, anointing and prosperity. Each brings you into a new level of God’s power.

— Wisdom: symbolized by God giving Israel His Word 50 days after coming out of Egypt.

— Anointing: symbolized by God giving the Holy Spirit—50 days after the death of Jesus.

— Prosperity: symbolized by the priest lifting up two wheat loaves in the temple on the 50th day. These loaves represent the spiritual and financial abundance being released.

Now is the time to claim your Pentecost blessing and embrace the full promise of Proverbs 28:27a: “He who gives to the poor will not lack.” Rejoice with us as together we answer the call. Get ready for your harvest of God’s blessing in wisdom, anointing and prosperity. {eoa}

Pastor Larry Huch is the host of Standing With Israel podcast on Charisma Podcast Network and has become a recognized authority and acclaimed writer on the Hebrew roots of our Christian faith. He’s diving into his latest book, The Seven Living Prophecies on his new podcast. Along with his wife, Tiz, their television program, New Beginnings with Pastors Larry and Tiz Huch, is broadcast weekly to millions of homes. Their dynamic ministry spans almost 40 years and is continuing to have a global impact. Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

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