What’s Ahead: Discern the Times: Reading the Signs

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Larry Huch

What’s ahead on God’s timeline for the future? Should we look for a Great Awakening of God’s signs, wonders and miracles? Or is it the time when our redemption draws near, and we look up and expect the rapture of the church? Are they clear signs from God? Have we been discerning the times correctly?

Much changed in 2020. As we watched the pandemic erupt across the world, it was like reading the laundry list of events in Matthew’s Gospel of the end times. We were experiencing the birth pangs, the signs of Jesus coming and the end of the age. Were the wars and rumors of wars a sign? Were the extreme weather, pandemics and earthquakes just the beginning of sorrows? What were we to expect next?

As believers, it is critical that we see what’s ahead. We need to have our hearts prepared and see what God is doing on the Earth. We have to correctly discern the times in which we are living. Are you reading the signs of God right now? Is the rapture near? Is this the Tribulation or is there a Great Tribulation waiting for those who are not caught up to heaven? What generation will see the return of the Messiah? Discover where we are on God’s end-time timeline. Get ready; Jesus is coming soon! {eoa}

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