Morning Rundown: One Leader’s Failure Isn’t an Excuse to Leave the Faith

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One Leader’s Failure Isn’t an Excuse to Leave the Faith

I started seriously following Jesus in the 1970s. From those early days until now, I’ve watched many leaders fail.

During the days of the Jesus Movement, we learned that Lonnie Frisbee—the hippie evangelist portrayed in the movie “Jesus Revolution”—got divorced because of sexual immorality and had to break ties with Calvary Chapel pastor Chuck Smith. In the 1980s, evangelists Jimmy Swaggart and Marvin Gorman were on the evening news because of sex scandals. Then, after PTL founder Jim Bakker had an extramarital affair, he went to prison for misusing donor funds.

In the 1990s, when I became an editor at Charisma, I lost count of the scandals involving bishops, pastors, false prophets, gospel singers and charlatans who preyed on the faithful. I’m old enough to remember W.V. Grant, who was exposed on “Nightline” for faking healings; Robert Tilton, who bilked donors and threw their prayer requests in the trash; Earl Paulk, who sexually abused dozens of women in his Atlanta church; and Bernard Jordan, who had the gall to charge people $365 to get a prophetic word.

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Dutch Sheets’ 2024 Prophetic Word: The Year of the Dragon, the Bear and the Lion

In a brand-new video discussing what is in store for 2024, Dutch Sheets shared the great implications of what this season means for America and for the world. He specifically pointed out that three nations in particular—which can be identified as the dragon, bear and lion—will look at America’s current condition as an opportunity to take advantage of the nation.

“Great unrest will continue and increase here in America and throughout the world,” Sheets said. “The dragon, the bear and the lion, that would be Russia, China and Iran will continue their attempts to gain influence, seeing America’s weakness under Biden as their opportunity. They realize this opportunity may not last long and will try to make the most of it. A weakened America means strengthened evil.”

This prophecy in particular shadows what The Most Important News pointed out about clear end times events, such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Iran’s pull in Middle Eastern conflicts, China’s gravitation toward “reunification” with Taiwan, and even the president’s response to military actions around the world.

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Alexander Pagani Calls Out the Church With These 5 Points

In a new video, apostle Alexander Pagani is calling out half the church for their hypocrisy, saying that at least half of them will not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

Pagani’s first point that the church must take note of is that there is “kingdom arithmetic” that must be calculated. Pagani says that when you start to investigate Scripture, you see how it is guaranteed that not all people will enter into the kingdom of heaven.

“Heaven has a definitive number of who’s saved and who’s not saved,” Pagani says in reference to names being blotted out from the Book of Life. “There is a numeric registration that is consistently being updated.”

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