3 Demonic Shows on Hulu Every Christian Should Avoid

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Abby Trivett

It seems nearly impossible to find shows and movies that are safe and inviting for the entire family. Unfortunately, it seems that the list of what not to watch just keeps growing.

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Hulu in particular has started to roll out plenty of down-right creepy content. Coming this June (just in time for pride month), Hulu plans on releasing the LGBTQ-themed dating show, “I Kissed a Boy.”

As the Christian Post reported, the show is the United Kingdom’s first LGBTQ reality show. Ten gay men will initiate interest in the other men by kissing them. If a man does not get kissed, he will then be released from the show.

The second show to watch out for that Hulu will place on their streaming service later this summer is the lesbian version of the same premise called, “I Kissed a Girl.” The show is currently on the BBC.

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The third show to keep your loved ones away from on Hulu is “Virgin Island.” What makes this show especially bizarre? The premise centers around a group of attractive virgins who have decided to give up the life of celibacy for a stranger they meet on the reality TV show.

As The Guardian reported, Hulu made a statement about Virgin Island that: “As the cast finds heartfelt connections and explores their varying reasons for waiting, there will be plenty of unexpected twists, including new arrivals and departures, all culminating in a dramatic finale where burgeoning relationships are put to the test.”

Remember, Disney owns Hulu. If their attempt to shove down demonic shows on Disney Plus for children wasn’t enough, they now are trying to reach out to an older demographic of teens and young adults seemingly to get them to indulge in unhealthy relationships.

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Abby Trivett is content development editor for Charisma Media.

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