Dutch Sheets’ 2024 Prophetic Word: The Year of the Dragon, the Bear and the Lion

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Abby Trivett

Dutch Sheets

In a brand-new video discussing what is in store for 2024, Dutch Sheets shared the great implications of what this season means for America and for the world. He specifically pointed out that three nations in particular—which can be identified as the dragon, bear and lion—will look at America’s current condition as an opportunity to take advantage of the nation.

“Great unrest will continue and increase here in America and throughout the world,” Sheets said. “The dragon, the bear and the lion, that would be Russia, China and Iran will continue their attempts to gain influence, seeing America’s weakness under Biden as their opportunity. They realize this opportunity may not last long and will try to make the most of it. A weakened America means strengthened evil.”

This prophecy in particular shadows what The Most Important News pointed out about clear end times events, such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Iran’s pull in Middle Eastern conflicts, China’s gravitation toward “reunification” with Taiwan, and even the president’s response to military actions around the world.

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2024 will be as Sheets called a “historic” year of great shaking, but what will take place will serve a greater purpose.

“This year will be highly productive, but very tumultuous,” Sheets said. “Incredibly fruitful, yet greatly challenging. It’ll be a year of coming together and a year of great separation. It will awaken the warrior and expose the fearful. A clear line is being drawn between good and evil, removing what once seemed like safe middle ground.”

Sheets believes 2024 will also be a time for God’s vengeance and righteous judgment to be made against His enemies.

“I believe this will begin one of Satan’s greatest times of frustration in all of history,” Sheets said. “In 2024, some of God’s judgments against His enemies will occur openly and be recognized as undeniably from Him, like Pharaoh who hardened his heart to the point of being irredeemable, many have done so today. God will make examples of some. government shakeups will also continue throughout the world as have occurred in Argentina and the Netherlands, but our prayers, the prevailing prayers of the church, the ekklesia, have accomplished much.”

More than dire warnings for the national and international affairs that we will see shift, Sheets also prophesied that 2024 would be the year where many churches that have not ran after the presence of the Holy Spirit would finally receive wisdom and revelation of who He truly is.

“Churches and Christian organizations that have rejected elements of Holy Spirit’s activities will receive revelation and understanding of Him. As a result, they will invite the Holy Spirit into their midst and He will come. Many who have not been open to the supernatural will welcome it. Many who have not known His voice will cry out to hear it.”

Part of this invitation to allow the Holy Spirit to flow into our churches and organizations will also expose the difference between religiosity and the fresh fire of heaven that only the Holy Spirit can give.

“Presence and power will manifest together, overcoming forms of godliness without power, absence of first love passion and lukewarmness. Much of what was seen as order will be recognized as man’s control, religious routine. Holy Spirit’s fire will be sought and given, and the results will be explosive,” Sheets said.

As we seek the righteousness of God this year, let us not forget that it is Him and Him alone that will guide us through the good and the bad; only the Holy Spirit can give us comfort and peace regardless of what is happening around us.

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Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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