Pride Month Alert: Beelzebub Blew Up Boy Scouts

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Larry Tomczak

Bible-believing Christians understand the evil spiritual forces behind the collapse of the 114-year-old Boy Scouts of America. Beelzebub (“ruler of the demons” (Matt. 12:24) orchestrated his “woke” strategy, and the organization now hangs by a thread, rebranding itself as “Scouting America.”

In 1972 when the U.S. population was about 200 million, there were 5 million Boy Scouts. In 2024, with our population at 336 million, we should have at least 8 million. Instead, BSA has plummeted to 1 million, and 176,000 of those are female.

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Pride Month kicks off in June. LGBTQ activists formerly told us, “Just give us a day.” Then they said, “We want a week!” Next, “Mandate a month!” (along with presidential proclamations, promotions, parades and programs) celebrating homosexuality nationwide and targeting children and youth. As iconic “Sesame Street” introduced two gay dads for the kids and Nickelodeon had a drag queen reading to preschoolers, LGBTQ activists now celebrate the totally gay-affirming BSA and its new image.

Everything is presented as if violating God’s commands on moral purity, marriage and family could be disregarded with impunity and without consequences, as when a Nashville drag queen was honored with a street name. What we didn’t hear about is this troubled individual tragically died a horrendous death of AIDS at only 45.

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One ancient admonition warns, “Whatsoever a man soweth, that will he also reap” (Gal. 6:7b, KJV). The divinely ordained principle also holds for organizations that compromise God’s holy standards.

The Trail of Tragedy

The largest youth organization in America for more than a century traditionally enabled fathers and sons to develop manly character traits of honor, moral purity, integrity, service, patriotism, faith in God and respect for family. Then at the turn of the century, LGBTQ activists put the pressure on BSA to set aside its moral code and convictions. Instead of remaining resolute and courageously combating the assault, the BSA leadership buckled. Here’s the downward spiral:

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