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Jonathan Cahn Dismantles the Deception Behind Pride Month

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James Lasher

As the month of June rolls in, colorful rainbows seem to be everywhere, symbolizing Pride Month.

But what lies beneath this celebration?

In his newest prophetic message, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn peels back the veil and reveals the secret behind Pride Month, exploring its origins and the messages conveyed by the presidential proclamation issued by President Biden while examining the implications of celebrating a month that, according to the Bible, goes against God’s principles.

The Distorted Narrative of Stonewall

The president’s proclamation refers to the Stonewall Uprising in June 1969, highlighting it as a courageous protest against marginalization. However, the true events of that night reveal a different story. The Stonewall bar, owned by the mafia, was regularly raided by the police. On that particular night, a violent mob rose against a small group of police officers, hurling stones and attempting to burn them alive inside the bar.

“That’s the actual origin of ‘Pride’ month,” Cahn explains. “That’s what the president has called you to celebrate, in his own words, which is to celebrate violence, destruction and the attempt to burn police officers alive. The Bible says woe to those who call evil good and good evil.”

Misrepresenting Laws and Parental Concerns

Biden’s proclamation claims that over 600 “hateful laws” targeting the LGBTQ community have been introduced throughout the country. However, a closer look reveals that these laws aim to protect children from indoctrination, sexualization and the potential harms associated with gender-affirming treatments at a young age. Parents’ rights and responsibilities to safeguard their children are being labeled as hateful, when in reality they are acting in their children’s best interest.

“This is what the president calls ‘hateful,'” says Cahn. “He says it is targeting the gay community, another lie. It is not targeting anyone. It is simply protecting children.

“He’s talking about a book put into children’s sections of libraries and schools with graphic pornography. Teaching children to perform all kinds of sex acts, [with] some advocating pedophilia, boys having sex with men and indoctrinating them into these lifestyles. Parents are not only right to protect their children from such things, they have a responsibility to do so,” Cahn adds.

The Role of the Bible and Conversion Therapy

The proclamation declares Biden’s opposition to “conversion therapy,” but fails to differentiate between harmful practices, and counseling that offers hope and freedom from same-sex attraction. The Bible teaches that people can be set free from any form of immorality including adultery and same-sex attraction through the power of God. The proclamation’s stance raises questions about the freedom to pursue counseling aligned with biblical teachings.

“Well…does that include counseling people [so] that they can be set free of same-sex attraction?” asks Cahn. “Just wondering, because the Bible says just that. Just as they can be free of adultery and immorality by the power of God. So, is the president going to declare the Bible illegal?”

The Disrespect for Marriage and The Dangers of Pride

The proclamation proudly mentions the signing of the Respect for Marriage Act, which struck down the Defense of Marriage Act Biden previously voted for. This act sought to redefine marriage, and the White House’s illumination in rainbow colors on the day associated with sinful marriages, as identified in the Bible, is a significant gesture with profound spiritual implications.

“The president of the United States is telling you to celebrate what God says is a sin,” warns Cahn. “It will put you at war with God, and to do so, in the name of pride which is yet another sin, he [the president] proclaimed America is a nation of ‘Pride.’ The Bible says pride leads to destruction. What have we done? We’re devoting an entire month to celebrate an alternative form of sexuality? We don’t even give more than a day to celebrate America’s birth!”

A Call to Truth and Protection

For those involved in alternative lifestyles, God’s love is unwavering, calling them back to Him. Christians are called to speak the truth in love and resist the darkness that seeks to destroy lives. Parents must protect their children from agendas that could harm their well-being, remembering that their children are a gift from God entrusted to their care.

Cahn Return
“When you turn away from God, this is what happens. Jesus warned of it. Your house will become repossessed by the spirits that were cast out and so it has. It is either God, or this. For those of you who are into these lifestyles, you are loved by God and He is calling you back and because of His love He speaks, and we speak, the truth and stand against the darkness that would destroy you,” Cahn says.

To learn more about the spiritual battle taking place in America, view Jonathan Cahn’s newest book “The Return of the Gods.”

James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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