Las Vegas Analyst Shocked by Mysterious ‘Crash Site’

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James Lasher

The talk of UFOs, UAPs, extraterrestrials, demons and the supernatural has flooded the media for the last few years, with Congress even going so far as to hold hearings on the phenomena.

No longer is it just “crazed conspiracy theorists” who are talking about these encounters; now even licensed professionals are reporting odd disturbances taking place across the U.S.

One such witness, crime scene reconstruction analyst Scott Roder, couldn’t believe what he saw and was almost at a loss to describe it at a “crash site” in Las Vegas recently.

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Roder describes seeing two “beings” utilizing what he calls a “cloaking device” to skew their appearance in the video that has made the rounds online.

“I applied the same principles that I would apply to any kind of homicide investigation,” he says. “At this particular time, with what we’ve seen here, is proof of a couple of things. That these entities … are real. They’re there. This is not fake. This is not a fraud.”

Roder is so sure this “being” was not of this world that he wants others to “peer review” the video and work with him on figuring out what was seen.

“‘Bring it on,” he says. “I want to open this up. Everything that we’ve done. I’m opening it up for peer review … I’m willing to hear what professionals in my field have to say about this and open it up. And if I’m wrong, you know, I’ll admit it.”

It should be noted that Roder is not some fringe analyst who started a podcast to spew out his many random and unverified theories. His expertise in his field has been used in high-profile cases such as the murder trial of Paralympian Oscar Pistorius.

As Fox News reports, “Roder worked with Jim Quirk – a reporter who runs the Extraterrestrial Reality podcast and who shared videos and images with Fox New Digital – to recreate the scene in the Las Vegas backyard on April 30, 2023.”

Just prior to the event, many across the region of eastern California, Utah, Nevada and Arizona reported seeing a streak of light fly across the night sky. This was also verified and capture on the bodycams of Las Vegas police.

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So something was in the sky at this time, and the only question that remains is: What was it?

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James Lasher is staff writer for Charisma Media.

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