Joe Rogan and Tucker Carlson Open Up About God and UFOs

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Abby Trivett

In one of his latest podcasts, Joe Rogan and Tucker Carlson sat down together and discussed the things of supernatural importance, including God and UFOs.

Starting off their discussion about UFOs, Rogan and Carlson point to the prophet Ezekiel as a place to gain understanding about this topic.

“It’s not American technology or Russian or Chinese. It predates all of that,” Carlson says. “I mean the prophet Ezekiel writes about it in the first chapter, wheels in the sky.”

While the prophet is actually talking about heavenly beings in Ezekiel 1, from a worldly perspective it makes sense that Carlson may believe the Bible is talking about UFOs when taken out of context. However, Carlson does believe that that unexplainable things we are seeing today are in fact spiritual and not from another planet.

“These are spiritual phenomenon. There’s no evidence they’re from another planet,” Carlson says. “They’re from here and they’ve been here for thousands of years whatever they are, and it’s pretty clear to me that they’re spiritual entities.”

Rogan and Carlson further got to the nitty gritty about the meaning and purpose of life, and the existence of good and evil perpetuating all kinds of circumstances in our world today.

“Are we very important in the universal sense?” Rogan asks. “Not really. Like, if the earth just imploded and disappeared, if the sun went supernova and our whole solar system was blown to bits, the universe still exists in the end.”

Carlson expands on what Rogan said, pointing out that we are very limited in our own power and ability to change outcomes and trajectories of the world. Carlson also emphasizes that our existence points to us being created individuals by a maker, not a species evolved from another creature.

“There’s no chain in the fossil record of that at all,” Carlson says of evolution. “God created people.”

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