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Blockbuster Film ‘Jesus Revolution’ to Premiere on Netflix in July

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James Lasher

Netflix subscribers can look forward to a captivating new addition to their streaming options as Jesus Revolution, a film based on the life of Pastor Greg Laurie during the Jesus Movement, is set to premiere on July 31.

Pastor Laurie, the senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California, urged his followers to pray for the film’s upcoming viewers.

Starring renowned actors such as Kelsey Grammer, Jonathan Roumie, Joel Courtney, Kimberly Williams-Paisley and Anna Grace Barlow, Jesus Revolution vividly portrays the events of the Jesus People Movement.

The movie draws inspiration from the book Jesus Revolution: How God Transformed an Unlikely Generation and How He Can Do It Again Today, written by Greg Laurie and Ellen Vaughn. The narrative centers around the lives of Calvary Chapel pastor Chuck Smith, hippie preacher Lonnie Frisbee and Pastor Greg Laurie himself.

The film was by Brent McCorkle and Jon Erwin. Erwin is one half of the Erwin Brothers production team whom have garnered recognition for their previous works such as I Can Only Imagine, I Still Believe, October Baby and Mom’s Night Out.

Following its release in theaters on Feb. 24, Jesus Revolution quickly became a crowd favorite, receiving an A+ rating from CinemaScore. The movie also achieved remarkable box office success, earning over $15.8 million during its opening weekend.

Domestically, it grossed more than $52 million, with an additional $312,000 in international earnings. Upon its release on Blu-ray and DVD on April 25, the film soared to the top of Amazon’s Movies & TV chart, surpassing formidable contenders like John Wick: Chapter 4, Top Gun: Maverick and Super Mario Bros.

Although the movie missed out on a 2023 K-Love Fan Award, it continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

Industry expert Kasey Moore, who closely monitors Netflix’s streaming lineup, confirmed that the inclusion of Jesus Revolution on the platform marks its debut on such a prominent stage. As of now, the film has not been officially listed among Netflix’s upcoming July titles. However, eager fans anticipate the movie’s arrival with enthusiasm and hope.

Pastor Greg Laurie has consistently encouraged viewers to use Jesus Revolution as a powerful tool for evangelism ever since its online release. Laurie, the visionary behind Harvest Crusades, which launched in 1990, has seen nearly 10 million people attend the crusades either in person or through online platforms.

The recent 2023 Harvest Crusade in Anaheim, California, witnessed an astounding 7,000 individuals making a faith commitment to Jesus.

Excitement regarding Jesus Revolution coming to Netflix reverberated across social media platforms, particularly Twitter. Users eagerly expressed their anticipation, with one individual exclaiming, “One of the BEST movies I have seen in a while! Excited for this to come to #Netflix!” The outpouring of support and anticipation is a testament to the film’s impact and the enduring message it carries.

As the release date draws near, viewers eagerly await the opportunity to witness the transformative power of the Jesus Movement through the enthralling story presented in Jesus Revolution.

With the film’s arrival on Netflix, the hope is that a new wave of viewers will be inspired, transformed and, ultimately, discover the enduring love of Jesus Christ.

James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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