‘The Office’ Star Angela Recounts Issue With Christian Joke

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James Lasher

The final episode of the American version of “The Office” was over a decade ago in 2013, and people are still finding out new info about it to this day.

Discussing her time on the show, Kinsey recounted this story to fellow “The Office” star Rainn Wilson, who played the unparalleled Dwight Schrute, when he asked her about her faith in God.

Coming from a Christian background, and having a mother who still teaches a weekly Bible study, Kinsey fits the role of Angela perfectly, especially when a joke was written that she didn’t feel lived up to the reality of how a Christian would speak to a gay person like the script called for.

Kinsey shared about the interaction that was supposed to take place between her and Oscar, a gay man who worked at the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company alongside her character.

“Yeah, actually, there were one or two times in which there would be a joke written for her that I thought was just really stereotypical, maybe one note. I like to think of her as a full, well-rounded person,” Kinsey explains.

“I do remember there was a particular storyline between Angela and Oscar, where Angela was being super judgy. I never went up to Greg about any joke, but there was a joke at Oscar’s expense, and I went up to Greg [Daniels], and I was like, ‘I can’t.’

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